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Recent Gaming Experiences. Some Spoilers

Recently, I've been pretty bored, and with the kind of games I love, those being a specific kind of RPG (think Bethesda and BioWare), not coming out in the near future, I decided to replay them, I replayed through the whole Mass Effect series, finally earning the final achievement in ME1(insanity). Then I played through Tales of Symphonia and The Abyss. After that, I replayed Fallout 3 and New Vegas, then the Dragon Age games. All just as good, or in DA2's case, better than I remembered.

Then I got bored, started reading up on PS+ and the free games that come every month. Well I checked out this month's and wow, Uncharted 3, Saints Row the Third, and Battlefield 3, all for 20$ total(3 month sub to PS+). 

I remembered playing the first two Saints Row games, kind of forgettable, I honestly could not tell you the plot of either, only that one guy got his face dragged off behind a car and Johnny Gat is awesome. 

Little did I know how unbelievably awesome and ridiculous SR3 was going to be, wow. You start by parachuting through a plane starting with the cockpit, kill a bunch of thugs, then grab the last thugs parachute on your way out, free fall to save one of your homies. Epic.

I will just list my favorite moments: Meeting Zimos, the guy talks in AUTOTUNE, hilarious! The naked russian. The wrestling match, where someone in the crowd tosses you a chainsaw, and you mow through henchmen? WHO THINKS OF THIS?! Then there's the part where you freefall in a tank, then the tank gets destroyed, so you freefall into another one! Then you land in a zombie outbreak! Then there was this random time when I had to defend a costume store from furries! AND BURT REYNOLDS WAS THE MAYOR OF THE CITY! Fun times, fun times. 

Then I moved onto Battlefield 3. Boring. I stopped after the second mission, in which you were a copilot in charge of gunning down opposing jets. that was a 15 minute borefest, as was the first mission. Maybe this is why I never hear anything about the single player in BF3. The same thing happened with that reboot of Metal of Honor, the first one. I played two missions and got bored. I didn't really care that much for CoD MW3 or blops1. Honestly, I think I am tired of the gritty realism shit. I get enough depressing crap on the news nowadays. Nothing fun in BF3 or COD for me! 

Maybe I'll try The Last of Us, I heard it's ok.
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