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Why I'm Learn to Stop Worry And Mangasm

When did the alternate title to Dr. Strangelove become such a popular thing to riff on, both in blogs here, and in articles on the internet abroad? Why was there a meal worm in my Game Boy Pocket, and why did it bother me enough that I wouldn't play it until I finally just opened the goddamn thing up and got rid of it? Why is Picross so addicting and why aren't more people constantly talking about it?

Today I'm doing an all purpose, general Mangasm. Like the kinds I used to do when I was a recapper, only less lucid or coherent because I've been up for like 24 hours and am starting to hallucinate flushing sounds in my head. I am writing it from start to finish, and at the end I'm going to jot down the approximate amount of time it took me just to make it absolutely clear what a brain dump it is.

Steam sales, right? Amirite folks?

Fuck all that. I bought Rogue Legacy and RPG Maker, as well as Street Fighter IV Arcade. But I'm done with that shit. My wallet is as empty and limp as my sex life right now. Plus my Steam library is close to breaking capacity, and I just don't have the time to get to everything as it is.

I'm definitely in a gaming rut...buying too many games and not playing enough. I think graveyard shifts have made me desperately lonely and this is some kind of coping mechanism.

I have also decided that if I wear a cowboy hat and tuck my shirt in, I can build a persona as a kind of ironic, "shitty cowboy". I'll wear that hat everywhere, and if anyone even looks at it wrong, I'll give them an earful, as if it were some burden I cannot stand to bear, and have difficulty speaking about. Like the One Ring but forged by douchey rednecks instead of the Dark Lord of Mordor. I am dead serious, I really do plan to go through with this. I'll make sure to post pictures when I do.

But if any of you so much as mention it, I'll track you down and have you fucking murdered.

Twelve minutes.
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