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Thoughts on Lightning Returns so far

Okay, let's try to be civil here. We all know SE is milking the hell out of a game no one wanted a sequel for, and it's ruffling more than a few feathers. If I have to give my honest opinion, I'm kinda over why this game is getting more focus than the other projects SE should be focusing on. 

I will admit that the game looks good, but I guess a single-party Final Fantasy is too much of a tradition jump to accept comfortably. And I guess another gripe is how I'm gonna spend another 40 or so hours pressing the same button over and over. 

I'm gonna get the game, but only to round out the story, and I'm hoping that there's a happy ending this time and that everyone doesn't die this time. FFXIII is definitely past it's use by date, and we can only hope it doesn't end with a sour taste in our mouths.

On the topic of this, you will probably know Lightning is gonna wear Cloud's outfit and use the Buster Sword as a special preorder. And I just found out Hope is gonna turn back into a kid in the game. Thoughts?
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