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Getting Back To Reality By Escaping From It.

I have fallen into a sort of ritualistic slump; impending baby. When my wife was pregnant the first time, it was all hot dogs and sadness, hot dogs and sadness. The fifty odd pounds I lost last summer have slowly found their way back from the dimension they apparently vacationed in, and are wrapping themselves snugly around their old home - my goddamned mid-section. And as I sit here finishing off some kind of chocolate covered cookie I didn't even bother to look at the brand of before I tore open the package like a crazed animal while simultaneously trying to buckle my belt and shouting "GODDAMIT WORK" at my crotch like a lunatic, I realized I've fallen back into my hold habits; I'm officially a gamer again.


In other words, we operate like most towns do; the mayor is a lazy inconsiderate dope, and the hardworking citizen is working her ass off to never be rewarded. But she can buy all the new hairstyles and clothes she wants while dumping off her trash outside of my house; no recycling fees, and I get to live in my idyllic junkyard with shanty walls. It couldn't be more perfect than that.

It taught me though that, even though my wife is not a gamer, she was able to find an experience in gaming that ended up being therapeutic for her. For as us a couple, we went through some very difficult times, and since we both grew up very independent and have only ever relied on one another and no one else, it was difficult to separate that experience from our daily lives and cope with it individually while still remaining strong together. So apart from the daily grind of work, problems, or finances, we now talk about what happened in Birdfeed that day. And we our both developing a growing friendship with someone else as a result, who we now get together with once a week along with another friend for some board game time.

Games can be a great escape for anyone, regardless of their experience. You just need to find the right ones. And for me, I needed to find them again period. And I feel like I am back to normal in a way I never quite was; all the books in the world couldn't give me the refuge I really needed to get my thoughts in order and start focusing on my life again.

We were getting back to reality by escaping from it. Because when you can't afford a real vacation, 40 bucks on the DS and 1000 bells will get you all the trips to a tropical island that you'll need.

I hear the bananas there are pretty ripe this time of year, too.
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