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Frothing at the Mouth for Final Fantasy XIV

I rarely get excited for games anymore, but this is a hell of an exciting year for me. Apart from the OODLES of fantastic 3DS releases on the way, the Wii U finally getting some good titles coming down the pipeline (though not fully convincing me I need it quite yet...price drop, I'm waiting on you.) and a whole new generation of hardware to look forward, it's good to be alive and well and gaming. Oh, and Animal Crossing; the idiotic game that takes up roughly an hour of my day, every day, despite me not understanding what I love about it so much. Maybe because it's better than my real life?

Well there is certainly less cat shit to clean up.

Realm Reborn is looking bloody fantastic. From an MMO standpoint, it doesn't seem to be offering anything different, but let's face it; unless you are a hardcore masochist and into games like Darkfall: Unholy Wars, there is very little out there trying to differentiate itself from THAT MMO...you know, the one everyone bashes but yet which still has countless subcscribers...but I digress. The reason I am looking forward to the revamp of Final Fantasy 135 or whatever number we are up too now is because it's another Final Fantasy; and it is one that strives at least aesthetically to resemble that familiar setting. And Final Fantasy is a world I just can't seem to escape from, no matter how shitty some of its titles have been.

Sort of a directionless blog, but I wanted to express my excitement for Realm Reborn. Here is hoping its good, and has just as long a life as XI, which is apparently still going strong as well.
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