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Mike's Musings - E3 Week 2013

Welcome to the weekend. It's been a crazy E3 hype train hype overload week!† There has been such an incredible amount of things that happened this week that Iíve decided that instead of having a blog about one topic that really caught my attention this weekend I wanted to share the love and talk about a few things that had really been big talking points this week.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

First thing I want to say is that this is the worst midnight launch game ever. EVER!† I know people want to have things as soon as possible and that is awesome, but Nintendo maybe when you launch the next Animal Crossing in a few years maybe you should do a mid-afternoon launch a few hours early instead of launching this series at midnight.† I refused to time travel so when I booted up my town and got it all set up to go I was greeted by darkness and the appearance of many cool things that I couldnít do.† Hey!† There is a hole that probably has a fossil in it!† Oh... I canít buy a shovel yet. †

Hey Isabelle, what can I do to make this town a better place?!

You should talk to Tia cause she is a cool villager elephant thing and would love to meet you.

Oh, sheís sleeping until morning...

That said the game is amazing.† It truly is the ultimate time waster.† I think the best part is that because of your mayoral abilities the game has given itself a lot more freedom for the player to play in a style that is more befitting to them and added a lot of longevity.† I honestly donít feel like after a week I have seen even a fraction of what this game has to offer beyond the special holiday events, which is something that had always bugged me in the previous Animal Crossing games.† There is still a ton to upgrade and unlock and I canít wait to see more of what my little village can offer!† Now I just need like 8 million more bells to completely upgrade my house.† Back to fishing and bug catching!

Sony's E3 Pleasure Presser:

Having watched the stream live all I have to say is that I donít think I have ever seen an E3 conference receive a reaction like this.† Sony pulled off an amazing feat during their presser and it was visible in the stream and with the people I watched it with.† They completely energized their fans, won the media and pulled in an entirely new audience that may had already been set in writing them off.† This presser will go down in history as one of the greatest E3 moments.† This is the true start to their competition with Microsoft.† It was pulled off brilliantly and was a major victory before the first system was even sold.† Microsoft: When is too soon to announce a price drop?† The next day?

Nintendo's Direct Approach:

I donít know why I woke up for this.† Since it was just a Nintendo Direct instead of a live presser I was set on waking up in the afternoon and watching it whenever I cared to.† In this instance I actually blame Sony for getting me so excited the night before for what was to come at E3.† So I rolled my hungover self out of bed minutes before the start of the conference to watch a streaming disaster that that was something very much like this:

The streaming issues coupled with the fact that Nintendoís showing included only one surprise left a sour taste in my mouth.† To be honest I am excited for and am going to buy the four major Wii U titles that they had shown off during the Nintendo direct, but if it was a complete surprise it would have been just that much more captivating. I also think I was a bit disappointed to see that Retro was dedicating their resources to another Donkey Kong Country game.† Yes, I loved Donkey Kong Country on the Wii and I know that this will be a fantastic game as well, but I just wanted something new.† I donít even need it to be Metroid.† I just think they are an extremely capable development studio and I would have rather they had taken a fresh look at a new franchise rather then a second revival of the one they just finished. †

To end on a good note though I am incredibly excited about the Smash Bros characters that have been announced thus far.† Being such an Animal Crossing addict these last few days the Villager seems like a perfect addition and one that I had imagined being in Brawlís launch a few years back.† Iím really happy to see Mega Man and itís strange for me to imagine a universe where Nintendo cares more about doing Mega Man right than Capcom.† Finally, the Wii Fit Trainer is an out of the blue, yet awesome choice.† I have always loved the off the beaten path characters in the Smash Bros games and this one fits the bill.† Also the memes have been amazing. †

Microsoft Shut Your Mouth:

To be honest their press conference was not too bad.† It definitely was a step up over the recent years.† As an aside, the choices that they have made with Killer Instinct, which to be upfront is a series that I cared for very little even before this week, are strange.† It seems weird to me that everyone was running around saying that a classic game from Rare is back to find out that it isnít made by Rare (which considering the company these days is honestly probably a smart thing, but it was about the wording). Also that it has one of the weirdest free to play or demo model that I have ever heard of from a fighting game. †

The important message for Microsoft this week though is to shut your mouths.† Seriously.† You should enact a rule that before responding to a question you need to wait for a few hours and talk it over maybe with some people who have professional public relations experience.† I know that this generation is far from over yet and the victors are no where near decided, but at this point you might as well be buying PlayStation 4ís for the people that were your Xbox 360 enthusiasts.† As Iíve said before I wouldnít describe myself as a fanboy of a certain platform or publisher.† I would consider myself a fan of the entire industry.† Microsoft failing right out of the industry may be a good laugh due to their terrible incompetence at launching this system, but it isnít good for the industry as a whole.† Letís be honest too, A LOT can happen over the next five to ten years, but every time Microsoft says something along the lines of, "Fortunately, we have a product for people who aren't able to get some form of connectivity and it's called Xbox 360," Sonyís advantage grows.† Itís not over Microsoft.† I wonít buy an Xbox One, but I am rooting for you to get your shit together!† Good luck!

I also really want to talk about Cliff Bleszinkiís quote about used games ruining the game industry, but seriously Jim Sterlingís response is so good that I donít think I even need to talk about it.† Read it!

Till next week.

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