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My theory with the "iQuits" of Destructoid and other online blogs is that everybody gets one. After a time, it's expected for people to become a bit disenchanted with their stomping ground of choice; for me, the straw that broke the camels back was the "controversy" surrounding games like Dragon's Crown. I just kind of got sick and tired of all the sanctimonious issue-peddling - not because some of the issues are not legitimate but because frankly, it's irritating to go to my favorite sites and not have a single solitary day without some hackneyed controversy being stirred up. I'm an old, aging, old man. I miss the "good ol' days."

While other popular CCG's such as Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh have made their way over to the PC over the years, they were always extremely inhibiting to all but the most hardcore, and rich, players. Scrolls is a CCG with a huge amount of depth thanks to battle boards used, one where those who have a good handle on proper timing and creature placement have an advantage over those with all the best cards. The gap is easily closed by playing the game more often; no real money required, realistically, unless you want to fast track your way to playing the other two factions. It is important to pick a deck you will like early on because of this; if you don't want to shell out an extra fiver or two, you might be stuck with something you don't enjoy playing. But this is the only realistic hurdle the game faces so far, and with a little patience and dedication, even that can be easily overcome.

Mojang has put out a very special game for fans of CCG's, and tabletop games in general. It will be interesting to see how it evolves over time with the release of more cards (I believe there are about 140 in total available during the beta) and the recent perk of offering new players 2000 golds to give them early flexibility in their deck building is a nice touch for early adopters. Much like Minecraft before it, anyone can gain access to the beta for 20 dollars. I honestly have some doubts about this price point, just based on the rather niche nature of the gameplay. I think Mojang is probably resting on the laurels of their reputation a little, and can probably afford to do so, but I think they also risk alienating a portion of the player base who would be interested in the game otherwise. Considering the after-purchase cost of the game is effectively zero, it does balance out; but unless word of mouth really spreads, I think they are going to be missing out on a potentially larger core audience who probably wouldn't mind buying a few shards every month to add specific cards to their decks, and who will likely play thousands of matches over the games hopefully long life span.

This is by far the best implementation of a CCG I have seen on any platform thus far. It's really fantastic in my opinion, and worth the price of admission. I have had an insane amount of fun building my uber annoying wolf-summoning Growth deck since the day of release. I'd like to cover more games such as this in the future, along with other games both on and off the table that crossover with both video and tabletop games. And I think that is going to be the focus of my blog from now on; games, not issues.

Go get Scrolls! And if you want a match, hit me up; the community system is pretty awful right now; there is not even a friends list to speak of. But you can add my on Steam under my username TheManchild if you fancy a game sometime!
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