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Backlog challenge 2013 Part 5

If I thought last month was productive, then May was even better. Thanks to a pair of three-day weekends I managed to get plenty of games completed this month. First up was Singularity, which took me about 8 hours to complete. It’s a good game but it’s kind of showing up now a lot of tropes which I'm starting to get tired of (audio logs, seeing “ghosts” or flashbacks, silent protagonists) but I did like the combat and the time manipulation device meant there was some fun and experimentation involved. The aesthetic was a little bit different but still fell into those videogame settings; labs, factories, sewers and so on. Still if you see it in the Steam Summer Sale for a few bucks, definitely check it out.

After burning through Singularity, I immediately moved onto Driver: San Francisco which as usual, I had picked up in the sale but hadn't even installed. It’s pretty good, the “shift” mechanic allows you to move between different mission types so the game had plenty of variety. Even at the end it got a bit bat-shit mental, it never got boring. Some of the stand outs involved scaring a car salesmen, smashing flyers for a nightclub event, and drifting underneath trucks to diffuse bombs. There were plenty of side missions but to be honest I did enough to get me some upgrades and never found them necessary. The story was fairly hammy but it was a nice mashup between Quantum Leap and Life on Mars. Plus is had a pretty great soundtrack (DJ Shadow, the Stooges, QOTSA, Cut Chemist, the Presets, LCD Soundsystem) and it took about 10 hours to complete. Again, if you see it going for cheap, then give it a go.

I did intend to play more games after getting through those two games really quickly but a couple of technical hiccups, working hours and general tardiness stopped that from happening. I've recently managed to get my PC hooked up to my TV, so I am all set up for Big Picture Mode. With that in mind, I've picked some big games this month that are well suited to playing on the couch. Now since these are all large games, please ONLY VOTE FOR ONE in the comments. Seriously my brain has a hard time with numbers...

Ok.... no seriously, let’s do this.

So this is another title I have bought but not even touched. You have no idea how much I want to slap myself in the face every time I realise that. Still at least not Skyrim has been out almost 2 years, has had a legion of patches and mods released for it, so I guess there’s no time like the present.

I have played GTA IV to completion but I've not touched either The Lost & The Damned or The Ballad of Gay Tony (*slap*). I need to double check if these two support controller support but that should be a given considering the original game’s port origins. Also, I'm itching to try out the high-res mods for GTA IV, which my PC should run. Right?

Saints Row The Third was a THQ Humble Bundle purchase which I haven’t played (*slaps again*). I really feel I should play this before Saints Row 4 comes out to see if it’s going to be my thing. I think like a lot of people I had written it off as just “comedy GTA” but the reaction to Saints Row The Third was really positive so I do wanna play it.

I didn't get RDR when it came out as I was in the process of leaving Australia, so I didn't buy any console games at the time of release. Then when I was back in the UK, I procrastinated as I wished in vain for a PC release. I finally bought the complete Read Dead Redemption a few months ago and started playing it last weekend. Should I complete it this month?

So there’s your 5 choices; I think with the scale of some of these games, I’ll be struggling to fit in more than one in a month, so please only vote for 1 game. Feel free to comment on all the games but it’ll make things much easier if you just say “Yes, play xxx as it’s awesome”. Leave your vote in the comments and I’ll announce a winner on Tuesday night.
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