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Where DmC failed, why 2 sucked, and the importance of being a badass

So, i started DmC with an open heart. i Loved the 1, 3, and even 4 of the series. Devil May Cry 2 on the other hand...yeah. While I don't have an aversion to reboots or reinterpretations, I could tell that NuDante (as i will henceforth call him) was not aimed at my target demographic. NuDante was built for the Vampire Diaries fans. Those who love the new Teen Wolf and think that Daft Punk sampled Kanye West's "Stronger". Knowing this, I was still pleasantly surprised for half the game. NuDante was still kinda annoying, but it was still a pretty good game. Then it all went to shit. Enemy design started to feel cheap and repetitive, the camera started acting like it was coked up, and the difficulty dropped. And really, activating devil trigger with R3/L3? With out game play being interesting, i stopped being pleasantly surprised and started to reflect on the game as a whole. As I heard NuDante talk, it made me realize I was missing a feeling. A feeling that you got in 1,3, and 4 as you controlled Dante. That feeling was that of a Badass.

At his core, Dante was an immortal cross between Ash Williams and John McClane. He had a heart, and he cared about those around him. He was cocky, loved a good one liner, and just a little goofy at times. Against all odds he was there to get the job done and to save the day. The right guy in a world full of wrong places. Or at least he was in 1,3 and 4. Now DMC 2 had a lot of issues. The color palette was horrendous. It stunk of slapped together rushed crash grab. Animations were crap, enemy design was blah. It all reflected in Dante. He seemed like he was designed by a marketing department and wrote by focus testing. Which could explain why there was a deal with Diesel clothing. 3 worked bc it was a return to not only what made Dante who he was, but combat was challenging and exciting to play. Everything made sense to who Dante was as a character, and even the upswing in difficulty could be explained by Dante being less experienced since it was 9 yrs prior. 4's biggest issue for me was Dante's area's being recycled. It was still a solid game that expanded the world while moving in a new direction.

NuDante feels like all that was wrong with the DMC2 Dante, just updated for a new millennium. He's trying oh so hard to be edgy and cool that he just seems like a douche. There are 2 spots where NuDante's cockiness seemed natural and not forced. It was that good kind of cheese. Those were the end of the succubus boss fight and entering Lilth's club. Which is sad, really. They spent so much time trying to distance NuDante from Dante that they didn't have time to imbue him with an actual character. When he showed some backbone at the end, instead of raising his confidence as the battle went, it seemed like he was unsure in the side he chose. It also didn't help that after making the joke about NuDante never having white hair, only to have it creep in slowly through the game. Way to commit there guys. As for combat and game play, while it had potential, it just didn't end up having that complete badass feeling. Some of it was the choice of the button layout (how cool would of it been if the grabs were assigned to the shoulder buttons and doge assigned to L3) another was that it felt gimmicky. Like the Angel and Demon was an add on to make things seem different. The fights with the guys who can doge/counter your moves should of been more than meh. And the red jeweled doors really seemed pointless and only there to make you back track. At least with the white doors you required different attacks (weapon strikes and blade throws). Red doors were just either slamming the ground or striking it, which both weapons did.

So in the end, I really wanted to like DmC. Even in the demo i felt that there was something here. Something that if done right could work. Unfortunately they spent so much time distancing themselves from what was and chasing what's cool that they didn't they forgot what made 1,3, and even 4 work (now that i think about it, Nero seemed more like a badass than NuDante). Creating a Badass character and making you feel like you were him.
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