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Xbox One Reveals itself publicly.. Please put it's clothes back on

I watched the reveal live, and until then I had never seen a public suicide before. I think this is the beginning of the end for my favorite game console series. I was sitting there since the start to see even just a quick screenshot flash across with a picture of a game, but the word game was never mentioned for the first 2.5 to 3 minutes!

I am not sure why Microsoft seems to be targeting basic cable users, dumb sports jocks, and people with zero attention spans. All I saw was a way for sports people to watch their sports and now they have the ability to use hand signals.. I guess they never could figure out the controller before, or even a television remote.

I think Xbox One Reveal would have had more success had they used this as their music

I really don't understand any of this shit. The name of the brand new Xbox is the Xbox One..!? That is like naming the new Playstation the PS2. The physical look of the system is a giant box, similar to an old VCR except a lot less buttons on it. They were trying to get sports people hooked, but I bet sports people are busy with sports and not watching tech reveals.

It's apparently "All in One", with the exception that if you want to use any of your 360 games you have to have a 360 plugged in separately! That means that if I was to buy one, I would have a couple games on it but if I wanted to play my library of over 400 360 games I have to use my 360. The games are not being carried over.. To the all in one system? Are you fucking serious?

The achievement system is basically over. Sure they are adding new features to make them a bit more advanced, but there is no set standard for games/dlc and points as there is now. A system that works... oh, and then there is this.. http://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2013-05-24-microsoft-applies-for-patent-on-tv-achievements.. So now if you are using your new Xbox all in One Television box and see a commercial for Doritos or something, and you hold up a bag that you are eating and kinect sees it.. you have +20 achievements to your "GAMERSCORE!!".. Yep, achievements won't have the same appeal "next-gen".

I think the main thing this Xbox One revealed was the Next Gen belongs to PS4 and PC... .... and WiiU, and Microsoft footed the bill for that sweet promotion. I have only one question though. When the new system comes out, can I still buy Xbox 360's?
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After this I got a SNES. What a fun system. This was soon after followed by a Nintendo 64, and eventually a PS1 and Gamecube. I had to exchange my PS1 once because it broke. After that I had a PS2, and an Xbox. I loved both those systems so much. I had to replace my PS2 3 times, and my Xbox 3 times due to hardware problems.

These days, I am gaming on Xbox 360, and PC. I don't bother with PS anymore because I have large hands and their analog sticks are way too close. I find both thumbs fighting each when trying to play anything on a playstation these days and much prefer the improved analog stick setup that Xbox 360 has.

I am currently on my 6th Xbox 360, and have Kinect as well.

My first one died from disc tray problems.
My second one I had Nyko Intercooler which actually melted into my xbox 360 and the 2 seperate things became 1 single entity.
My 3rd Xbox was a red ring of death
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my 5th xbox still sorta works, but the disk tray takes like 40 tries to open and takes more and more time each attempt. Also when the door is closed it things the door is open, and thus I can't launch any games.
my 6th Xbox 360 was to replace my last one, but at the same time I wanted to have the most recent so I got a kinect package. Also, this is the first time I have had the ability to use HDMI with my Xbox 360, because all 5 xboxes I had before they kept sending me old units with only Component video.

anyways, I am a real big time gamer and like to try all games (except for sports because well.. sports are weak).
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