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Growing Up With Halo

“It isn’t what you play, it is who you play it with”

Calling out GIMP/Photoshop right here:  Way to hard to add black border to white text in either.  So had to use less savory means.  Deal with it.

This group also had a tendency to call out names before each kill, which was hilarious if you aren't on the receiving end.  It would usually go something like “Hey taterchimp!”  “What?”  *assassination*.  Shit talking on the internet comes off as machismo, but between friends it has so much more a rite of passage feel.  Playing with this group introduced me to many of the friends that I had through the end of my college years, from future roommates, to people I would use to give a good word in interviews, and even one of my girlfriends.  She was constantly playing with the group, but she was “one of the guys”.  Whereas many other had the stereotypical girly reactions of things such as yelling at how people were rude for killing them, she was able to dish it out both in game and verbally.  We played one King of the Hill match where all of our teammates quit, making it a 5 on 2 game with an objective.  Better known as a death sentence.  Between the two of us though, we were able to triple the other team’s score before finally claiming victory, and the post game lobby was on FIRE about it.  We were throwing out insults, they were making casual guesses at my sexuality, but then my girlfriend started speaking up, and everything changed.  Now both of our weights and lives were called into question.  Playing along with it, I believe we eventually confessed that we were 300 pound 40 year old hermaphrodites, something along those lines, and this is why we were able to beat them so soundly.

Halo 3

Halo 3 was introduced while Halo 2 was all the rage in my dorm, but the lack of 360s made it hard to coordinate matches, so it was generally a special occasion where we would get together and play.  It was in my Junior year that I had a chance to really sink my teeth into it, and it just wasn’t the same.  See, by Junior year of college my social groups were well cemented by major, fraternity, and the few remaining friends from Freshman year.  So many good friends graduated, transferred, or failed.  As such, my memories of Halo 3 were mostly with my roommates playing online, and a lot more against random people online.  It never had the same impact.  Playing against strangers is so much more aggressive and competitive and there is such a large gap in the talent pool that you find online that it makes it hard to have a consistent experience.  It feels odd to leave this section so short, but really, this is where Halo stopped being the force that it was for me.

When my personal community for Halo left, so did most of my interest in the game

I have picked up every Halo release since.  I still feel like it is a really well put together game, offering something slightly different than the Modern Warfare experience.  But overall, whenever I play it, I am not playing it because taterchimp likes to play it.  I am trying to bring back Lt. Lapdance.  I am trying to get back those days where we would forget about our homework, open our doors, and kill some zombies.  It is a chase for nostalgia, of days long gone.  And like I said above, it may not be the best, it may not have the best production qualities or design choices, its narrative may never inspire me or move me to tears...but if games are only to be experienced as an individual, I want out.  Even just commenting and blogging here, sharing my experiences adds so much more to the game than just playing it.  It really is about who you have by you, not what you are playing.  Thanks for reading.
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