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The gravy train ends?


As to why people are upset I'm not sure.  From what I read it sounded as though the videos are not going to be taken down.  Nintendo might place an ad and revenue will go to the rightful owner or company with the actual license / copyright.   What a shock?  It has been a free cash grab for Let's Play for some time, the fact a little money might dry up on certain titles is not heartbreaking.  Why people are all tears only deepens my amazement for the video game community.  Oh man, you mean they aren't going to get a check for ripping video while adding some of their original commentary about the company's video game?  Wow, let us get our arms up in disbelief and act like we give a shit.  The free ride might end.

All I think is, who gives a fuck?  Then I read the comments and to my disbelief, a ton of people are actually upset and give a fuck.

I mean these Let's Play people should be entitled to make a simple cash grab off viewers right?   With Kick-Starter and whatever crusade flavor of the week it is, it is apparent people are willing to throw money at anything.  Strapped for cash and feel like putting minimal effort into your work?   Record yourself as you drudge through a video game title with little to no effort while making inane banter like you somehow care.  Hell, do up some stupid t-shirts too.  The kids love that.  Problem solved, easy money.

I don't really feel bad at all.  I am actually smiling that these Let's Players who the community somehow idolizes are getting slapped with a reality check of entitlement.  I think Nintendo is being fair since any idiot can record some footage, insert their “original commentary” and grab views.  It has become one of the new sickening fads of the game community.  That is why whenever I pop onto community blogs, I see some other asshole promoting his new cool channel where he plays video games.  No way, you play video games?  Dude...

Stay classy community with constant postings of, so hey I am another gamer who wants to buy into this trend.  Watch me guys, I play video games with no socks!

Sure, I am cynical towards this.  Why should you be paid to just play a video game in your home?  I wasn't aware of this soup kitchen other gamers offer as a crutch for some cheap amusement.  If a large cesspool of video game players would rather watch someone else play video games, it speaks volumes about this age of gaming.  That maybe the titles are just too bland and not captivating.  A harsh possibility that titles are just becoming too stagnant. 
Or rather than take the time to invest in playing a video game, some players would rather just watch or pirate it.  It hurts my brain too much to do some research on the title and make a simple consensus on purchasing said title.  That is the message you want to tell companies? 
That you are too much of an asshole to invest some time and effort into playing the actual game, you would rather just watch someone else play it?  Great, we have become a community of house plants.  Well let's not even bother giving gaming a proper funeral.  Let's just dump the corpse of video gaming in the river, but I think at this point that would be too much.  We can just leave it in the sun to get leathery while we wait for someone else to deal with it.

And now that gaming's false idols might have no initiative (Parasite money to fuck off on) while making questionable attempts at certain titles, people condemn Nintendo.  It isn't the end of the world.  Let's Plays won't cease to exist.  Maybe some of their authors might have to do some actual fucking work, but people need to kind of look at how things operate before slamming Nintendo.  The author can set up their own website or just another channel with just the audio content they provide.  Their childish banter that all the kiddies love while buying their cool merchandise can be synced to another channel with the video content.  Big fucking deal.  If I was a Let's Play scam artist, I would be scared too I might have to be inventive for once.  Who am I kidding?  They can just copy RiffTrax business model and be done with it.

No, instead Nintendo is the jerk.  Thanks Nintendo, now we can't enable people to just take whatever content they want to broadcast with their personal dialogue while making revenue off your work.  Next we won't be able to have the YouTube personalities rip video game news from actual game sites that do the labor only to be delivered with a pretty face on some YouTube channel.  Don't you understand Nintendo?  Games should just be free to take advantage of whether that be pirating, or just displaying Nintendo's intellectual property while an individual talks over it.  Thus creating a cycle of free money.  Fucking scum Nintendo.  How dare you suggest I can no longer make money off my autistic YouTube channel as I play your titles like some chore while some other dickhead keeps trying to talk to me.

Hopefully you can finally calm down a little.  Just wait and see what happens.   I am sure the authors who basically make their living like the people who ride their disability checks all year while making their tacky arts and craft bullshit to barter at some farmer's market won't stop anytime soon.

It should be noted that Nintendo is just getting desperate. If you have to advertise your “new” console on your old system before you pull the life support, you better start treading water any fucking way you can. And for whatever team of assholes who thought the marketing name for your new console should still be the Wii with an added U, you only have yourselves to blame.  Kill yourselves.  It shows the growing disconnect of the industry and consumer.  Nintendo here is a future tip.  Go to a retail store and observe parents trying to buy your titles in a retail market.  You will see how quickly they are overwhelmed by the titles you have with a mix mash of rehashed title names.  For a new console, give it a new name.  Are you even trying Nintendo? Oh yeah, 3D DS.  I somehow forgot.

That isn't to say Nintendo is going to go under anytime soon.  Sure, they might be feeling a squeeze as they persist on doing the same old tired routine with some stickers and glitter glued on, but like always Nintendo seems to make due through all their bullshit.  How was the Wii successful? I thought they just ripped their light gun from the NES and managed to mutate into some hybrid contraption that was only later labeled motion controls.  Nothing says fun than a control scheme that often operates with a mind of its own as you fumble with horrible motion mechanics.  I'm sure it is a favorite for those who enjoy Driving Home Drunk: The Simulator as you try not to veer into oncoming traffic.

I'm so happy companies want to continue this tradition of snake oil gimmicks into the next generation... rather than focus on giving us some real titles.
But don't worry guys, this whole Apocalypse of Gaming is just hysteria.  Keep on believing and show support for your favorite gaming news website or someone else might lose their meal ticket.

The next generation is upon us and all these skeptical gamers are full of it.  No used games, always online, stripped video games butchered into episodic downloadable content, online passes to prove your purchase of said title after handing over your cash, sexism in your generic childish Nintendo title, cookie cutter annual releases, ads on your paid service, social media all over my console, and your favorite... more motion controls.

No, I truly think the golden age of gaming is making a come back after it is done being brutally raped. It will all work out, I'm sure.  The next consoles will do just about everything except their intended purpose of playing video games.

You can still believe guys.  Don't worry, clearly the companies will not steam roll us.

Honestly though, I can't wait for the train wreck of E3 this year.

Your tears...

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