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The New Adv. of Podtoid Episode 2: Delay and HELP US OUT W/ FAKE GAMES! (NSFW)

To keep it brief, we’ve run into a few hang-ups with development of Podtoid Episode 2. I originally wanted to release it on 4/20, but we’re simply not moving fast enough on it. And there’s some small errors that need refining in order to make this a great video. It’s probably going to be pushed more toward May at this point. Like Jim, I don’t really start kicking projects into high gear until it’s dangerously close to the due date and I feel the walls caving in on me, so maybe I should start announcing all my projects a week in the past.

One may notice I’m using the word ‘We’. That’s because I have Podtoid fan, Frank Margarella, helping out with the animation this time around, along with a possible third person later this month. I’d like to emphasize that Margarella is a full time worker/student, and considering how much he’s done on it already for free, he shouldn’t shoulder blame for this.

Here’s the segment list for the second episode in the order it will play in, we were considering some external help with the Willem Dafoe pitch, but we might just wait to include it in a future episode or turn it into its own thing so it take off in its own way without taking up episode time for other Podtoid segments. There’s still a good 8 minutes of animation there so the episode length won’t be handicapped too much compared to the first one:

• Michael Phelps: Swimmer
• The Make a Wish Foundation and Popcap
• Commercial Break: Bad Dragon Ad
Willem Dafoe Pitch: The Breast Man (Postponed for now)
• Twitter Questions: Final Fantasy: All the Bravest

As of now, only 2 are almost done, and the Make a Wish one is the longest. So we basically have to step-up our game. After all, the only time delays that should ever be accepted are for large scale KickStarter projects with thousands of backers. </sarcasm>

But one bit of good news, I decided what kind of community contest will take place for the second episode:



Like the Spider campaign in the first episode, we’re going to push your artistic skills to the test.
Since a large part of the second episode takes place in Popcap’s Offices. You can have a chance to design Fake Game Covers that appear in the episode. These fictional game covers will either highlight the office walls of Popcap or be game cases resting on desks. Basically, I’m looking for humorous stuff like parodies and absurdities. The best examples are the kind of stuff Max Scoville does on (precious) company time at Revision3:
(Special thanks to Vid Cirman for the suggestion of examples.)

So the steps are simple:

1. Make a DVD Case/Poster sized game cover in whatever file format you would prefer
2. Post a link to it here in the comments, or on the Podtoid Facebook page, by May 5th. That’s Cinco de Mayo!
3. If you don't want to be credited by your Destructoid name, leave your real name or alias in the same post as the image.
You don’t have to make the back cover, and it can be done by whatever method you would like.

There are three requirements to keep in mind though:

• Safe for Work. I can’t emphasize this enough.
• Avoid personal images taken without permission. So no images of family members, friends, or people you don’t like or standalone art assets without proper context for what you’re parodying. Nothing that can cause litigation or even a simple angry letter that will get the whole video taken off. A safer alternative is to simply draw your own artwork for the cover or learn to shamelessly trace.
• Self Insert / Personal Fanwankery. I do have to admit to a pet peeve against self-insert works appearing in this campaign. So while they still may get in if done tastefully, I’ll advise against making some dream-game cover where your self-insert character is making out with a flawless anime girlfriend. Just use good judgment. And if you don’t know what kind of stuff I’m referring to, it’s either for the best you don’t know… OR YOU’RE ALREADY DOING IT AND DON’T KNOW ABOUT IT. So spooky~.

In apology for all the delays in the first place, here’s a character designed for appear just in the next episode. Animating him for just eight seconds took at least two hours. It’s the Varka: the black dragon of Scotland, known for his thick sausagey cock. Cum tube (and tribute) not included.

Thanks for your patience (or understandable lack thereof), and good luck making art about video games.
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