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On advertising (Destructoid)

I'm the kinda guy who always enables Adblock anywhere I go. However, upon reading one of the main blog posts on the front page about how Destructoid's audience primarily uses Adblock, I disabled Adblock on Destructoid. After all, I feel like this is a much better video game site than IGN or any of the likes.

But I would like to point out that if ads are to be enabled, they should remain as banners along the sides, or the background of the pages. Not to tell you how to do your business, but I quite frankly will re-enable ads if I feel like they're interfering with my ability to enjoy what's here.

I had a survey keep popping up as I scrolled through the stories that would constantly jump in front of whatever it could. I'm okay with things on the side, but the ones that interfere are a pain in the ass.

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