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PSA: The End of Dungeon Fighter Online.


The slayer pictured here is what the average DFO fan looks like right now.

After a solid six months of nothing, we all expected it to happen.

On April 2nd, Nexon announced that Dungeon Fighter Online would be closing its doors on June 13th, 2013 due to lack of player interest.

Now this news hits me a bit hard. I found Dungeon Fighter Online in the fall of 2011, right after a major content patch that fixed a lot of problems about my favorite character class, Priest. I played it on and off with several groups of friend, coming back every time a new content patch showed up or needed a great PVP fight. A friend of mine watched it each day for the past six months, waiting and waiting for the new update that would bring the rest of us back for another chunk of fun, maybe with a new class or character.

Would you seriously mess with this guy? He’s gonna show you God’s light with the back of his hand.

Rather, Nexon of America could not properly coordinate with developer Neople, and did not receive any updates for six months. Their time during the last six months was used to its fullest capacity.

Should we check in with Neople? Nah, screw that, let's dance!

This whole thing frustrates me to no end. Was there something wrong with Nexon that they weren’t getting updates from Neople? Did no one try to contact them about it for six months? Why not run some simple events during the downtime to keep people playing? Hell, every time an update or content patch dropped the first few channels were ALWAYS full and only the latter extra channels weren’t at least at yellow population. In fact, all we’ve heard from Nexon is a half-assed letter and some “relocation events” to get some entry-level crap in their other MMOs. As always with Nexon, support is incommunicado. Speaking of, their support is completely ridiculous. I sent out a ticket back during an event about a purchasing problem, and got absolutely no response for six solid months.

As one could expect, the fans are pissed. A quick look at the Dungeon Fighter Online forums yields such topics as campaigns of the playerbase appealing to other publishing companies to pick up the game, analyses of what Nexon did to fuck up royally, reports of how well the news is going over around the web, requests of alternatives to it closing, and sheer unbridled rage that the game is being closed.

So if you ever wanted to play DFO or want to go back while you have the chance, there you have it. Get some dungeon fighting in, you have until June. The closing does not affect Dungeon Fighter Live, so you can continue to play that. Though I don’t know why you’d want to.

Also, if you spent any NX on the game in the past six months, you can get that back. After 6 months? Haha, hope you didn't expect any of THAT back!

Yeah, no Nexon. This heartfelt picture you use everywhere and some potions in Vindictus totally make up for all the money I spent before you stopped updating 6 months ago.
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