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The Pile of Shame

Do you have a pile of games next to your television? Have you ever experienced buying a new video game before finishing the one you are currently playing? Have you created a list of games you are playing or own and havenít played in order to help you decide what you should play next? If any of these statements apply to you it is possible that you suffer from something scientists are calling a pile of shame.

The first step in correcting the problem is by acknowledging it. A lot of gamers arenít willing to admit that they have a problem.

ďMy name is Mike and I have a pile of shame.Ē

Once you admit the problem the best recommended treatment is to stop buying new games until you have finished the ones that are waiting for you. If you canít do that maybe sharing your story can help others.

Here is my story:

Metal Gear Solid 3: I never owned a PlayStation 2, but having owned a GameCube I became a huge fan of the Metal Gear Solid games introduced through Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes. I was dying to see where the series went after Shadow Moses. At one point Metal Gear Solid 2 seriously had me walk into a store with the intent of buying a PS2 just to play it, but second thoughts snuck in and I walked away. Nearly 10 years later I purchased the Metal Gear Solid HD collection. I knew what to expect going into Metal Gear Solid 2, but not how much finishing it would crush my ambition to carry right on into the next game. The further surprising detail is before the HD collection I owned zero copies of Metal Gear Solid 3, but within a few months I owned three (PS3, Vita and 3DS). Considering the fact that I quite literally could play this anywhere now I really donít have any reason to avoid this.

Last Story: So Operation Rainfall happened. I bought Xenoblade on the day of itís release and coincidentally had a week of vacation just after it came out. I played that game for hours. It is easily the longest game I have ever played and despite a few issues I enjoyed it quite a lot. When the events all played out and XSeed announced that they were publishing Last Story I was overjoyed. I preordered my copy, picked it up on launch day and put it on my shelf. I havenít even opened it yet. Next up: Pandoraís Tower.

Shadow of the Colossus: So when the ICO and Shadow of the Colossus HD collection came out I was really excited. I had been hearing a lot of love for these two games for such a long time that I couldnít have been more excited. Then I played ICO and was slightly disappointed. The gameplay wasnít great, but artistically and emotionally you could see the evolution this game introduced to the medium. Then I started Shadow completely unsure of what to expect considering how much ICO hype was levied at me. It was... AMAZING! There was so much detail and adventure. I always felt bad when I killed a Colossus! Then I finished the eighth boss, still high on the game, set down the controller and for a reason unbeknownst to me still havenít put it back in again.

PaRappa The Rapper: Soon after I had gotten my Vita I was browsing through the store for fun new things to download and there I saw PaRappa The Rapper! Iíve had a fondness and passing familiarity with the game and never forgot when Retronauts taught me about about the connection with Turtles Have Short Legs. So I downloaded it. I believed. Little did I know the PSP version was broken because the timing was off. So this sadly will stay in the pile of shame until I can play a version that doesnít frustrate me to tears.

Zero Escape: Virtueís Last Reward: By the time I had heard about 999 it was nearly impossible to find. It took a lot of effort to track down a copy so when I finally had secured one I sat down and immediately got stuck on the first puzzle... BUT after that when I started getting things going I had a blast. I ended up with a really crappy first ending (probably the worst one in my estimation) but I fell in love and preceded to get every ending one by one. Not much longer after that itís sequel was announced and I was excited. Couldnít wait to pick it up on day one and play the crap out of it. Current Status: Still Sealed.

Assassinís Creed: So hereís the story. Assassinís Creed 3 was announced. It looked AWESOME. It took place in the US during the Revolutionary War, which seemed like something that really was interesting to me. I really wanted to play the new one, but there is a part of me that wonít jump into a connected sequel without finishing the previous entries first. Many people told me that this game was repetitive, the story connection is thin overall and that I should catch up on Wikipedia. I found myself falling asleep while I was playing just after the second assassination. It has sat on the shelf since.

Dishonored: When it was announced I was skeptical. When it was released I was intrigued. When it went on sale I was sold. When I was sold I havenít thought about it since.

Final Fantasy VII: NO! I swear itís not as bad as you think. I never owned the original PlayStation and I picked this up when it was on sale for 5$ this year. Seriously! February 2013!

Yeah, I admit I definitely have some major gaming ghosts in my closet. If it needs to be said though this pile definitely didnít appear because of a lack of playing games. Iíve already finished more games this year than are on this entire list. I just need more time! And MAYYYBBBEEE to stop buying games faster than I can catch up. Easy solution though, anyone have a time machine or that device in that episode of Doug that added an entirely new day to the week? That would be great.

So how about you? Are you willing to admit your gaming ghosts?


PS. Totally worth skipping pile of shame games to play BioShock Infinite
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