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HD Remasters

With the announcement of so many HD remasters lately, it's understandable that we are all excited to be able to play our favorite masterpieces from way over yonder. Kindom Hearts 1.5HD and FFX HD are definitely on my hot list this year. There is another way to look at this however.

I don't want to sound cynical, but it feels like these games are serving as ways to make sure we don't tear game companies apart for taking so long with projects that are sitting in purgatory right now (KH3, FFVersus XIII etc...). How much longer can companies keep holding us back with ports and remakes before they run out and eventually have to put out the games we've been waiting half a decade for?

I'm not saying I hate HD rereleases, they are a nice slice of nostalgia and handle as well as I remember them. But for companies that release old material instead of actually working on the stuff in development, how much more can we take it? Can we handle waiting this long, or will we turn our backs on the companies because of it?
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