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Rainy Games

I love rain. I love the sound of rain, especially on a tin roof. I love watching rain as it trickles down a window. I love the earthy smell of a rain shower after a hot day. I love how soothing rain is, and how relaxing it can be to just curl up inside while it's pouring down outside. This love of rain has carried over to video games. The idea for this article popped into my head last night when I was playing Metal Gear Solid 2 HD on my Vita. That game begins in a full-on torrential deluge. It's definitely a great way to start the game. Below are some other games that contain my favourite artificial cyber rain. Exciting!

GTA Vice City and GTA IV

I thought I'd combine both of these. I enjoy the rain in all of the GTA games, but these two in particular stand out for me. Something about the combination of the neon lights, blurry low-fi lens flare and rainy streets in GTA Vice City is very appealing. I remember quite often just taking in the view when a sudden downpour happened in the game.

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