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Facebook Responds to GoW:A Leonidas DLC


Meet Leonidas. He's a GameStop exclusive multiplayer character for God of War Ascension. His design is based off the character's model in 300, who is in turn loosely based off the very real person, Leonidas. He also happens to be wearing very little clothing.

The God of War Facebook page shared this image. When I saw it, the first thought that ran through my head was how the enlightened individuals of Facebook were going to ravage the image as homosexual propaganda. Not only did they fail to disappoint, but some of the things added to the conversation were really... creative.

So, I thought I'd share some of my favorite comments from the thread. Enjoy!

General Observations:

“Dude doesn't look like he can lift.” (4 likes)

“Is Gerald Butler going to do his voice?” (4 likes)

“He lloks like a Stripper xD.... a bad ass Spartan Stripper hahahahaha” (4 likes)

“Dafuq, is he real or animation. Anyway, hail king Leonidas!”

“this is sparda!!” (Somebody's mixing up their hack 'n' slash games)

“Iliked the single player i didn't like the ending and wht if i want the king leonidas and I'm from LatAm??”

“I thought Mars was the god of war...” (1 like... uh...)

“Nice diaper, Leo.” (2 likes)

“he is leonidas?”

“Goddamn he has a big package...” (2 likes)

“Why did they add him to this game? 300 came out 6 years ago”

“I feel bad for the graphic artist that has to make nipples look realistic” (2 likes)

“Why play a game with a fool who is suicidal [email protected] get gears of war” (1 like)

“I have that same outfit....i'm piss off :(“

These guys (mostly) dig it:

“about time we see more half-nacked male warriors!! getting tired of sexy fighting chixx!” (1 like)

“I already own him, unlike all you virgins!”

“yeah I mean check out that mad real!!! codpiece and hot man thigh lol have fun with that.”

“I'm leaving Xbox..... (jaw drop)” (1 like)

What the homophobes have to say:

“jesus, it's like they want to pornographiy him” (1 like)

“I think that's the gayest thing I've ever seen.” (Gayer than actual gay people?)

“This is Pretty gay” (4 likes)

“Love GOW But This Pic Looks Like A Gay Porno Version Of 300 Cover” (4 likes)

“God of Gay” (8 likes)

“Balls of steel”

“God of S&M”

“King Gayness”

“Really wish I would stop getting random post like this. I didn't see a video game I saw a f****t.” (1 like)

“this post has led me to unlik the god of war page. thanks” (This guy's name is Byron Sneed. I think you can imagine his voice)

“I am so sick of how videogames objectify men into nothing more than sex symbols! ::rolls eyes:: seriously though, this picture alone should shut up the people who claim games only objectify women, its a two way street.” (1 like)

And the rebuttal:

“So if this is gay, are scantily clad women lesbians?” (1 like)

“Came to see what this post was about and I look at all the comments....and not ONE intelligent or even something remarkably close to it has been said on this post. Just alot of "gay this, f*g that, this sucked".” (11 likes—thank you)

The admin chimes in: “Champions, we kindly request you halt the inappropriate comments. This is neither the page nor place. This is Spartan attire, authentic to the movie 300 which our King Leonidas is based off of. Please show some respect to this thread. That is all. Thank you” (11 likes—thank you again!)

But Wait:

“God of War:The homo erotic adventures of kratos!” (15 likes... oh...)

I don't even know whose side these guys are on:

“there obviously are a ton of you here on this thread that took the short bus to school with all the other fuckin' retards. lol” (1 like)

“To all with the homo comments.... he actually looks ready to kill any homo bitch ass persians like you so back off or suffer lmao”

Then it becomes a discussion of platforms:

“you are a fuckin homo . X Box is a joke , what are you playing ? = Halo > What are you looking forward to ? = Halo. Your Graphics and Quality of games for X - Box Suck. You lost the Blu Ray War. Also why don't they call it X Box 2 ? That's because they are afraid if they don't call it the 720 they will lose customers to PS 4” (3 likes)

But after that we get the most adorable argument in favor of exclusive ports:

“Stop actin a fool and get on that xbox platform ya bunch of goons!!!”

After that it gets poetic:

Let's start this!
Show this petty officer who's the hardest!
The biggest mistake that you've ever made
I'll toss you like a frag grenade
I'll stomp you in the face
With my sandals enraged
And tonight we shall rhyme in the shade
Your puny fans are fat nerds on computers
Jerking off to games gives themselves First Person Shooters
Your armor's hard but my abs are harder
You're in my hood now chief


Him. Whiteys?


Loins ?”
(1 like)

And then it just gets incomprehensible:

“This game sucked. 3 WAS %)x BETTER. WAY TO LET US DOWN!!”

“Stuff blah blah things blah blah”

This gets added to the conversation: “grid 2 this is best”
But then he clarifies: “mayby for may dont sure”

“You are all made in Japan and Gay” (2 likes)

And the last word goes to...

“I'm Egypt”

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