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What isn't Being Said About SimCity

HEADS UP - this is a rant.

I'm noticing a huge - massive - how the fuck did you miss this and why isn't it being said firstly statement - regarding always on DRM, online authentication, and especially games which require a constant internet connection/verification/shit you need to do to even play...

Motherfuckers why are you not screaming this:

Any game which requires always-on-drm/authentication to start/community heavy/online heavy content - will fucking cease to be at some point.

Like an MMO - when the servers are turned off the game is destroyed, killed, never to recover.

Why the fuck - has no one made this the forefront of the widespread verbatim/insipid commentaries and comments?!

The poor deluded bastards who are just repeating what they are hearing are diluting a fundamental flaw that goes beyond simply needing an internet connection.

Yes it is a form of DRM as it is effectively Digital Restrictions Managment {fuck you, it's about control - not copyright} - you are restricted to play it how and when they see fit. They're playing players. EA/Maxis can at any point make an incredible change to the way the game is played, live, whenever they feel like. I blame the entire game generation for this as its too common place to sell unpolished - inflated BETAs. Because that is what SimCity5 is, it's a glorified retail BETA.

The problems with connections is slowly being ironed out, tweaks are being made to support the triple-speed function again {there were simulations problems at higher speeds causing server crashes apparently} and guess what - it all means jack shit to the consumer, the gamer, the player, the poor bastards who liked SimCity2000, 3000, and 4 and probably purchased 5... the game could just pop and not exist.

I can understand that after a few years online community support for a game goes offline. As long as players are still able to play the fucking game, any content they purchased is still accessible, and hopefully - if the damn thing had trophies or 'chiev'oes - players will still be able to create/host online games to an extent.

Think about this - Look at the PSN and current XBLA. It is totally possible that in a few years they can discontinue compatible stores which run on the PS3 and XBOX360 - we're just licencees and all we've purchased are contracts - not products. We have the right to use the software and they have the right to revoke that right whenever they want.

And you know what,
That's exactly what I'm going to think about next time piracy comes up in a conversation.
Because it isn't theft - there isn't a product.
You're just refusing to click OK when it is effectively a signature on a contractual dotted line.
Just click no, eject, alt+f4 - and get a refund.

Now as an exercise of impermanence, it is clear nothing lasts forever. But I think the expectation and precedent with interactive software has be fowled by tethers of control. Video games just don't work at launch anymore, is that really how it is? That's unacceptable and not required. Inflated development costs and expensive servers are not the problem of consumers and getting people to agree to terms and conditions of use - before they can even get a look at what they are buying is almost theft, because money has be transacted without the exchange of goods and the services you are hoping to get - that you have basically taken a gamble on apparently - is delayed. So why sign all these contracts and terms that say, "This game is a service and may be terminated without notice. --- Here is a bunch of legal mumbo jumbo that basically says you can't do anything about it if we choose to abandon this project."

When you try to play an online game, it doesn't work or you have to wait hours for it to download and setup and patch, then you play for awhile but your saves are server side and get lost the next time you log in, it's unstable. Then after some time all the harsh reviews and word of mouth has gone around that the game is toxic shit and its terminated -

You get nothing, good day sir. Like you stole from - them.
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