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I'm not sure that I can enjoy Monster Hunter anymore.


Even now when I think about it, the premise of Monster Hunter is kind of brutal. Rather than observe and admire these noble beasts, you're kind of a gun for hire who goes out and slays dozens of rare, exotic animals for the sake of making stylish armor and trinkets. I will admit that in the full games, there is usually a small accompaniment of text that explains the purpose of the quest, but going back and looking at some of them, they feel weak and don't nearly generate a conviction strong enough for me to rampantly slay these wild animals. I guess it took the perspectives of my brother and gal pal to make me see the darker side of Monster Hunter, and how awful it really can be.

Saying all of this, I'm sure I will still get the game. The thing is though, I don't know if I'll ever be able enjoy Monster Hunter like I used to.
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