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The Walking Deadís adventure game wouldnít be anything without Clementine. Her relationship with Lee and by extension with the player is by far the strongest Iíve felt and stands as a benchmark of player involvement. Thereís just no way anyone can play through TWD and not care about Clem. Yes, the fact that sheís a cute little girl in the midst of a zombie apocalypse with only the player to protect her, helps. But the narrative doesnít stop there, thatís just the premise. As days go by, the decisions made, the struggle, the sacrifices that any survivor has to go through pile up on all of the groupís backs, but they impact her in a much more meaningful way. Lee -the player- knows his actions will be reflected on those innocent brown eyes, and that takes us out of the shoot all of the things mindset and into seriously questioning the morality of our actions.

As the adventure advances, we see her grow up. From a regular american child in the suburbs to a survivor. As is the destiny of any of any child in the zombie apocalypse, she either grows up prematurely or dies prematurely. But even in the worst of circumstances, even after the most depressing of the situations, she finds strength inside her. She smiles. Her innocence might be gone, but her humanity remains untouched.

Those were some of my favorite female characters. As you can see, Iím not a huge fan of Tomb Raider, although I still have to check out the new game. From what Iíve read, it seems if I do this list a year from now Ellie from The last of us and specially Elisabeth from Bioshock Infinite might earn their place in it. Anyway, what other female characters do you like?

- imho

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