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Ga(y)mer - A Short Blog Series About Gay Portrayals


So thatís the state of things, such as I see them. Weíve got a larger push towards optional content, something that requires very little from the developer or writing team, but a massive dearth in established content for any number of reasons. Weíve got some people that are trying very hard to help with the situation, but maybe trip over themselves a few times, and a massive number of people that simply donít think about the subject. Weíve got people who are angry about the state of things, but are terrible at articulating why, and people who are so defensive of their hobby that they reject the conversation before itís started. I hope the following series will be entertaining, semi-insightful, and thoroughly read-able. But more than anything, I hope it starts that conversation. Our industry is not homophobic. Itís just trying to find its footing, where the topic is concerned.

I hope you'll check out next week's post about "Optional" content, and the challenges of adequately addressing sexual orientation in game mechanics. Thanks, all!
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