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The 3/1 PS3 FNF Recap

This is sort of a small thing I'm planning to do for the foreseeable future, where I post recordings of some of the FNF games I took part in, to show those who missed out just how much fun it is to be a part of the activities. It was sort of spur of the moment this time, so I only got two of the games recorded, out of the many that were going on. Also, no voice chat was recorded because we did not have enough time to set up Skype.

Game 1: Anarchy Reigns

Not much went on here, but the second match was pretty crazy. The game lagged like crazy, and the AI were apparently not in the mood to do anything else but lie in the dirt with their face down. it was quite hilarious to see them planted on the ground, with no force on earth being able to move them. Match ended lagging so bad that I had exit to main menu because it would not end. Game of the year, everyone!

Despite the bugs, which are admittedly few, the game is a riot. Maybe next Friday we'll get some Deathball done. Didn't get enough people this time.

Game 2: Persona 4 Arena

This was a spur of the moment arrangement, but man was it fun. Two hours of fun, though there were only three of us. We just messed around, as we were all too rusty to be any good. Expect a lot of dickishness and spam in the vid, but it was all in good fun.

Probably going to host P4: Arena next Friday. So much fun with friends, and that netcode is a real champ.

That's all for this Friday. Next time will feature more games and better videos. Perhaps with voice chat next time. Look forward to it.

Dtoiders featured in this week's FNF: Ckarasu(me), Hyper Lemon Buster Cannon(cbizzle), Cadtalfryn, and Epic-KxDtoid(Uncanny Silk). Guest starring:Cloud_Envy(friend of Hyper Lemon).

Note: Due to my lack of a 360, as well as a lack of means to record on the PC(efficiently), I cannot take part in those FNFs. As much as I would like to post tons of awesome videos of all the fun we have, I just cannot. I think it would be pretty awesome if some people picked those up, though.
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