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How I Feel About the PS4


I'll get right to it. I'm severely disappointed. Not as disappointed as I would have been if I hadn't already braced myself for it. I expected a lot of shenanigans and hyperbole, but there were some things I hadn't quite considered. Just going to basically list out the things that I am disappointed about the most (and who knows maybe a good thing) as I understood them. Should I be mistaken by any of it, I'll actually be happy, so feel free to correct me if you feel the need.

Let me start with the disappointment concerning what was not there. First, the system itself. Does it really matter? Are the aesthetics really going to be a factor in my purchase? No. But I see it as a principle. Why announce something so incomplete? I do not recall any announcement event ever, for a console, that simply showed off the controller and detailed some specs. I've seen a lot of Vaporware jokes around the interwebs, and I can't fathom the reasoning behind it.

Past that, a price point. I know no one expected one, but I don't care. Combined with a lack of the actual system to show, this tells me that they just wanted to announce theirs before Microsoft announced the next XBOX. It's a petty game they're playing. At least last time around, whether or not Microsoft wanted to be first, they certainly had a complete system and price point to inform us with.

Another missing component, after the fact (the conference), is the vague answers, such as doing the 'right thing' with used games. They don't even have a solid idea of how they're going to tackle these kinds of issues. Oh, but they know what the controller is going to do. At least there's that.

Controllers have come a long way. Above is one of the oldies but goodies. As much as I remember loving this controller, I can definitely appreciate how far controllers have come. I may never accept movement-based 'controllers' such as the Kinect or the Wiimote, but they're far less disturbing to me than the 'share' button.

In and of itself, it's not really something that will disturb me physically. It's not in the way of anything and it doesn't force me to push it. It does, however, point out something I consider flawed. Currently, the 360 has Facebook and other social media apps, which is where I knew social media would eventually go, and that is certainly something I'm not against. More options for more kinds of people is never a bad thing.

To me, though, the controller is a symbol of functionality. It contains necessities. Every button has an actual use in each game. Even the back button is a fairly used button (though not even close to as much as other buttons, however). Take a player like me, who has no interest in using the share button. I am now looking at something that is completely useless to me every time I look at the controller. Maybe I'm the only one that cares about functionality and this might not have any merit in the big picture.

There are a pair of reasons I purchase a game on the 360 over the PS3 if it releases on both; better online structure and the triggers. While the former could end up being quite a bit better on the PS4, I won't speak on it until details are given regarding it. I would like to speak about triggers, however. I enjoy many kinds of games, but mostly racing games and shooters are my thing. In both, the triggers get quite the workout. The PS3, having a 'reverse' trigger makes it feel far less comfortable in either situation. I once purchased small plastic pieces that actually bent the right way, but it broke easily and, really, that shouldn't be necessary.

The PS4 controller is about halfway to a full trigger, but just looking at it, I know it will still be inferior when it comes to comfort. In the grand scheme of things, comfort is important to me. Comparatively, to me, the controller structure is like the interior of a car. The vehicle performance isn't truly affected by the interior but it is a comfort factor.

Stock. As reported by Destructoid, the stock immediately dropped following the PS4 reveal. After some updates, it seems the overall dip was under a 2% decrease. But does the amount matter? If the stock made no move whatsoever, I'd be worried if I were Sony. An announcement this large should have a great jump. Stockholders, who are no doubt paying attention, should see your new product and be excited as all hell. If those holding stock don't have any faith, why should I? I have posed this question to myself and have no answer yet.

With the huge disappointment the PS3 has become for me, I really need something to boost enthusiasm. Last time around, I recall a couple of comments by Sony Employees saying both that I should want to work overtime to purchase their system and that I would buy the system even if it had no games at launch. Is this a continuing cocky attitude? I'm waiting for the quote about how we should want to buy stock without even seeing what the system looks like.

Backwards Compatibility. It's there, but it isn't. So you can re-purchase games you once owned online again. Because it worked for the PSP-Go. Combined with the fact that you cannot transfer any purchases you've made from the PS3 PSN? Am I out of pocket calling that blatant? They can't be trying to hide how much they're trying to get our money, and if they are, they're the worst at it. Who's to say they won't pull this with the PS5? All these old games you've purchased require you to keep that old PS4 in your entertainment center. Along with that PS3.

Oh, now I get it. They want every household to be full of Playstations. Good luck with that Sony.

So, it's obvious that I have very little faith in the PS4 and am going to need a lot to get me to really purchase this system. But, truth be told, there are some things that I see and look forward to potentially buying the system for.

Just Add Water, makers of the Oddworld games, announced that they're making a game for the PS4. I can honestly say I've enjoyed all of the Oddworld games in some capacity or another. Because it's in the controller, there won't be a stupid wand-testicle. the overall shape of the new controller does look plenty more aesthetically comfortable to hold, though that's speculation at this point. The touch screen feature doesn't really look imposing to me. It's there and large enough so that if I can use it to slide through menus, it could be a nice addition. It still feels a bit gimmicky, but I'm not at all against this 'innovation' attempt.

The PS4 will also support that 4K Television technology. While I don't have any expectations to afford a $25K+ Television anytime soon, it is something that is another addition for those who can. Lastly, Sony says they're going to do the 'right thing' with the used game market. Vague? Definitely. But why would they say it if it wasn't going to be of a benefit to those who would read it? Oh, right. Because we'd probably buy the system even if it didn't have launch titles and we'd work overtime to pay for it.

I really tried to end on a positive note, but the PS4 is going to have to give me more of a reason to.
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