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A comprehensive guide detailing why Metal Gear Rising is truly the best game


(Or, how Metal Gear Rising is blatantly better than DmC: Devil May Cry)

(Potential spoilers below)

1 - You start the game by slashing a Metal Gear RAY in half.

Haha, it roars at you thinking itís all big and bad. He doesn't know he's the prologue.

2 - Then you cut up Strider Hiryuís robot dog buddy

Because chainsaws are now illegal, and you are the chainsaw police.

3 - After that, you beat up the hottest Doctor Octopus cosplayer

And finish her off kind of like that one scene from Terminator 2.

4 - Then these magnetized sentient Hormel hams come to fight you

But you beat the shit out of him because he stole Raphaelís sais.

5 - But then this fucker runs with scissors

So you whip his monkey ass because his bad parents clearly didnít.

6 - Then this robot samurai guy fights you with his gun-sheath that shoots his sword


7 - Following that, you suplex the giant robot spider from Wild Wild West

And beat it to death with its own leg to remind it how much better it could be.

8 - Then you end the game by beating the shit out of Super Mike Haggar

And explains his superpowers with the greatest two word line in history, while sweet music plays.


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