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Intrusion 2: The Intrusioning


Intrusion 2 is a well put together side scrolling shooter that starts strong and holds the momentum. It can be easily compared to other side scrolling shooters like Metal slug and Contra but it needn't be, even though it is apparent it has used these titles as inspiration it holds up as its own thing.

Within Intrusion 2 there is some very interesting points of exploration and a multitude of powerful weaponry and genuinely entertaining enemies to do away with. It is obvious at the beginning of the first level that you are in for a ride. As the protagonist parachutes into a battle field you get a clear picture of the art style which is a blend of 2D and 3D art.

There is no story to speak of within Intrusion 2. It is in its entirety a simple and well put together side scrolling shooter with some platforming elements and nothing more. The adage, "Do one thing and do it well." applies to this title as there are little to no hiccups in the setup and execution of the action throughout the entire game. The action seamlessly carries you from one checkpoint to the next with little indication of level changes. This is a good thing as much as it is bad thing as you may run the entire game in a matter of only a few hours without having realized how far along you were. To this effect there is a hard mode difficulty setting which I strongly recommend to anyone who has played games of this sort before. For the most part I only experienced one instance of true difficulty which took the form of a bullet-hell type boss that rappelled from one side of the room to the other spraying bullets and dropping rocks from above. If you play this and get to this point - conserve your ammo and wait for her to change her mode of attack, evade as best you can and be patient.

There is some formulaic exploration in the level design which isn't bad but it isn't really inspired either. Exploration consists mostly of getting past the half way mark in an area and back tracking on the roof tops and high wires to reach a hidden weapon or witty remark on a sign. Back tracking does not always respawn enemies but it may and farther along into the game that means machine gun wielding mechs with laser swords come back, be advised.

The sound is fitting to a game in this genre. The sound effects are on point although they are nothing exceptional or unexpected. The music consists of only a few tracks and is on a two minute repeat. The music being slightly repetitive isn't such a bad thing at times as the metal guitar riff track is fitting. With a playthrough running of about 3 hours or so, I suggest your own music, anything electronic or metal would fit.

Intrusion 1 is a free online flash game check it out.

Intrusion 2 is a very honest attempt and a good attempt at being a short and sweet side scrolling shooter. Fans of the genre may like this honest attempt at the genre. If you haven't checked it out and enjoy the side scrolling type genre you'll probably really like Intrusion 2. Check out the first at the link above, if its to your liking check out the demo for Intrusion 2 and then please consider helping out the talent behind it by purchasing Intrusion 2 from their official site or on steam. You can check out a demo of Intrusion 2 right here it is also available for download from the official site.

Without spoiling what weapons or enemies you'll encounter I think its best if you play the demo and play the first one in the series. If you like the demo I assure you this game does not stop its fast paced action, it really carries through the entire game and for that I have to commend the talent behind the title.

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