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Backlog challenge 2013 Part 2

So last month you kindly folks voted that I play Sleeping Dogs and scratch that game off my backlog. And play it I did, completing the single player, a fair chunk of the side missions as well as the Zodiac Tournament and Nightmare in Northpoint DLC packs. Overall I thought the game was good; the story was interesting enough and it managed to do a good job of conveying Wei Shenís inner-conflict. The voice acting was good overall and the representation of Hong Kong felt really vivid.

Some parts didnít feel as good as they could be; I kept being reminded of other games whilst playing Sleeping Dogs which isnít a good thing. Whilst I was fighting I kept thinking ďthis combat system is good but not as good as Batman Arkham Asylum or Arkham CityĒ. Whilst doing one of the chase/traversal missions I thought ďthis movement is good but Assassinís Creed games does it betterĒ. Aside from that, a lack of polish stuck out at me Often I found myself in a combat sequence with three identical enemies. I took a screenshot randomly of three identical woman just hanging out, completely at random. The radio stations were great; having a station that features two of my favourite record labels, Warp and Ninja Tune was a great move. But having the tracks skip between missions even though youíd only been out of your vehicle for a few seconds was frustrating.

Strangely GTA IVís Liberty City seems more cohesive and more identifiable as a place rather than Hong Kong in Sleeping Dogs but I still think the latter is a good game to play. It looks gorgeous on the PC with the HD texture pack and playing it with a controller feels like the right way to play. Since I finished Sleeping Dogs in the middle of the month, I felt I could get another big game finished before the end of the month. With the memory of me trying to cram games into the last few months of the year to be able to vote in Destructoidís GOTY for 2012 poll, I thought Iíd better play a 2013 release. So I picked up Devil May Cry DmC on Steam mainly due to the positive reviews. Despite never having played an original Devil May Cry game, I enjoyed the new title a lot. It looks great, the combat has a great flow to it and some of the levels and boss fights were really imaginative.

So now onto Februaryís challenge. Iím leaving 2012ís games behind for a bit so I can actually start to get into the depths of my backlog. I had a Garth Marenghi-esque revelation recently when I realised that Iíve probably received more point Ďn click adventure games than Iíve played simply for fun, and that was just in 2012. Lacking a PC for most of the early-mid 1990s meant that I missed most of the golden age of Sierra and Lucasarts adventure games; the Curse of Monkey Island was the first one I played, which I really enjoyed but the year after I played Grim Fandango which became a steadfast favourite of mine. Afterwards the adventure game genre seemed to decline severely in popularity but in the last few years thereís been a glut of great adventure games released. This selection of games matches old and new adventure titles that I really want to complete off my backlog.

I suppose we better start with maybe the classic adventure game. As I mentioned earlier, I missed out on a lot of early adventure games because my family didnít have a dedicated PC. My dad had a work laptop but he stopped my brother and I from using it after finding we had installed Doom on it without his permission. I purchased The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition with the intention of filling in some of the blanks of my gaming past but Iíve yet to play it.

The Dig was seemingly highly regarded at the time of release only to fade in the eyes of some as being over-hyped thanks to the involvement of Steven Spielberg. Iíve played about 45 minutes of this game but Iím willing to start up a fresh game and get laid into this one.

I always assumed Spielberg was associated with Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis because well... itís Indy. Again, I bought this with the intention of adding another classic point and click game to my library but like with the Dig I have barely touched it.

Resonance reviewed really well last year and I picked it up on Steam in the Christmas sale. I hoped it would simply sit on my laptop and be there whenever I was travelling or had some downtime during the year. But if you guys pick it, I will be starting it and finishing it by the end of the month.

Ben There, Dan That! and Time Gentlemen Please were so stupidly cheap that I had to buy them. And of course play them for about 5 minute before not touching them again just like about 80% of my Steam collection. So if you vote for this pair of games, I will be playing them both this month. That way I get two games written off for the price of one.

So there you go, 5 games for you to vote on. Simply put down which game you want me to play in the comments below, I'm going to keep the voting open until Sunday 3rd February at midnight when Iíll post a comment declaring a winner. Part of the reason I've picked these games is that I'm probably moving into a new place at the end of the month and all of these games will run on my laptop without too much trouble. Hopefully Iíll be able to get online and post my thoughts again but until then, get voting!
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