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Zero Cool Episode 66: Games of the year 2012


Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen! This past year has been a good one for games, and we at the Zero Cool Podcast decided that we should talk about it. Each of us talked about our favorite games of the last year, and as such, it turned out to be a pretty long podcast. This one's a doozy at nearly 3 hours! So get comfortable and listen to us talk about...

- Movies: Django Unchained, The Hobbit, Skyfall
- Dishonored
- Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy
- Hero Academy
- Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition)
- Mass Effect 3
- Journey
- The Walking Dead
- FTL: Faster Than Light
- Spelunky
- Borderlands 2
- Awesomenauts
- Hotline Miami
- Journey
- Tokyo Jungle
- Spelunky
- Break! ("Title Screen" from the Spelunky soundtrack, then some break banter, then "Help" from the Zombies soundtrack)
- Torchlight II
- Perspective
- Super Hexagon
- Hotline Miami
- Guild Wars 2
- The Walking Dead
- Dust: An Elysian Tale
- Terraria
- To the Moon
- Mark of the Ninja
- Asura's Wrath
- The Witcher 2
- Fez
- Sleeping Dogs
- Super Hexagon
- Hero Academy
- Dishonored
- XCOM: Enemy Unknown
- The Walking Dead
- Journey
- FTL: Faster Than Light
- Listener questions!

So as usual, you can stream the show on our Podbean, download it here, and if you like what you hear, you can subscribe to us on iTunes! Give us a shout in the comments to tell us about your favorite game(s) of 2012.
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