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A Late Introduction (I love you guys)

Hey, Destructoid!

So I'm sure none of you know me, maybe a couple of you know me as 'that guy that comments sometimes lol', or 'that guy that posted some blogs that were ok i guess'. I never really introduced myself to the community, and after reading so much more community blogs than I used to, I've decided to give you guys a formal introduction. I feel I owe it to you after stalking the hell out of some of youse guyses blogs.

I'm Rowan, or Radchiefdude, or Radchief to some extent. I guess I just really like the first letter of my name or something. I like video games and arty things too, and I like to intertwine these interests a lot. I'm a huge fan of the indie gaming community, and play a lot of their genuine, 'tough-as-nails' products. I really enjoy the fact that, whilst playing said indie games, the developer has put all their creativity and effort into it, not like some fab AAA company releasing half baked mediocre crowd pleasers. Of course, I do enjoy a good popular game every now and then, I'm a pretty big Nintendo fan, like the rest of my family, probably because we grew up with all their products. I like to think of myself as a hardcore Zelda fan, but really, with all these people out there doing speedruns and long plays and such, I find it hard to determine what is really hardcore anymore.

it's mario, in case no one else but myself can interpret my own art

I guess I plan to contribute to the community, I dunno, creative things? I'll post way more video game/pop culture character cappucinos (I'm currently working on a Finn and Jake for when a pair of my friends visit me at work), and I record music a lot, so I'll probably end up making something video game related for you all to listen to in the future some time. I might also make one of those interesting, controversial and original video game related essays that you guys soak up. Admittedly, I love them too, I really respect all the writing talent this community houses! Either this, or I'll end up remaining Dtoid's resident lurker. Nonetheless, thanks for reading my belated introduction!
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