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Fury's Top 5 Game's of 2012

Well, a new year approaches... and of course all the game of the year awards have be, or will be, handed out. It is no surprise that The Walking Dead is being handed every award, though it is my personal opinion that I'll never play the game and probably never will as I have never been a big fan of Telltale Games.

This is a personal opinion of course and people have them, but onwards... to MY top 5 games of the year and.. I'm sure that people will either agree or disagree with my choices, but... this is MY list and not theirs.

This list is based off what I have played, yet not exactly beaten or gotten far in. With college in it's senior year I have not been able to get to deep into many of these yet I have enjoyed them greatly the time I have played, these are also listed in NO ORDER... meaning all 5 of these are tops in my book:

1: Persona 4: Arena (360/PS3)

If you know me, I'm a huge fighting game fan... more particularly in the Soul Calibur series... but this year, SC5 probably won't even make my list. Persona 4: Arena however made me all warm and fuzzy inside.. and it took a little bit to get there as well.

First off... while it is a fighting game, its story is that of a RPG. Its deep and rich, well written, and tied in greatly to Persona 4. While the fighting system, I found, was a bit easy at first.. to me there was a hidden depth. Yes, I was mildly perturbed buy the one button instant combo but... they made it so it deals less damage if you consistently use it and under it is a focus on a heavier skill set that would set up combos like one wouldn't believe.

P4: Arena is just a overall great fighting game, and blows the rest out of the water this year.

2: Guild Wars 2 (PC)

I've owned Guild Wars 2 for a couple of months and my highest is still only level 11.

It's still amazing, and I wish I had more time and motivation to play. For MMOs, after 4 years of soloing in WoW, I get bored easily unless I play with friends. This hindered me quite a bit while trying to play GW2, as.. friends joined a server that I could not get on, at least until recently. So in all actuality I have been playing GW2 for at least 2 days. And I love it.

It isn't your typical MMO, while you do have a main quest line you can follow, you gain your levels by fulfilling acts of kindness on a world scale. You also get to choose your rewards from a shop after completing those quests so you don't get stuck with something you don't like, and if they don't have anything better you can not spend your 'points' you earn while completing those quests and save up for something better later on.

In addition, the races are colourful, the classes are 'fairly' balanced, and they all have in a spot in a team if you need one.

3: Code of Princess (3DS)

A under appreciated game for the 3DS, this is what any beat em up fan could ask for... at least until Dragon's Crown comes out for the Vita/PS3.

A Side Scrolling Action-RPG with over 50 characters, moves sets for them, and much more... I still need to spend more time in the extensive story mode to unlock even more items for all the characters to use. Also, like all beat em up type of games, you can have up to 4 other players join you.

I really can't say much more about this game without ranting about how much I love it, but one should look up YouTube videos to check it out because really... this game needs so much more love.

4: Torchlight 2

Before anyone says anything: Yes I played Diablo 3, Yes I beat Diablo 3, no I have not beat Torchlight 2, yes I plan on beating Torchlight 2, no Diablo 3 did not leave me satisfied.

Why, if I have beaten Diablo 3, not pick it over Torchlight 2? Because.

Because it's more fun, Diablo 3 was boring to me by the time I got to the end of my first, and ONLY, run through. Torchlight 2 is just 'bigger', not 'bigger' in story sense, but 'bigger' in gameplay sense. I enjoy lots of customization and Torchlight 2 has more of it. With the addition of mods, the customization can be almost endless in a way. Now I wish I had more time to play it.....

5: Zero's Escape: Virtues Last Reward

I got this game for Christmas, and its already sucking up my time that I should be spending on the 4 other games mentioned above.

The Vita has a few shining jewels, Persona 4: Golden is one of them(Which I also got for Christmas, but have yet to play so it will not be making the list.). But this game is like a interactive book, with multiple endings. The story is the focus here with the gameplay second, but.. you keep going because you WANT to know what happens next, and the choices you make always puts you on a different path, perhaps leading to your demise or... another action that could save your ragtag group.

And another thing.. the voice acting is good. YES REALLY GOOD... compared to most 'anime' like games where you will cringe at the slightest hint of a annoying character. Even the villain is likeable... in a way.

There we have it, MY top 5... nothing much more to say but to have a happy new years, and to try and catch up... much more games coming out next year to play!
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