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Zentoid 2: We Gamers Are Killers


Oh hai! Got your attention did I? How lovely. I'm hope you're in a good mood, after all, it is Friday, the HAPPIEST day of the week. Anyways, don't just stand in the doorway! Have a seat! Have a seat! We're going to do something therapeutic that we all need: talk about what brings us joy!

Ok. Something that brings ME joy. But before I get into that let me just preface this by saying that there comes a time in every man's life when he realizes that the game he's playing is the best damn thing he could have asked for, at least up until that moment. In the past it had been Zenonia 4 and before that it was Ratchet Deadlocked, and before even that, it was Legend of Dragoon. Now I'm not saying that other games during those periods of gaming sucked, I'm just saying that those particular games filled an empty (heh) hole in each specific (ew) period.

This time around it was the teenage male power fantasy (yes it's totally immature, that's why I acted a fool of myself) that was Saints Row the Third. Now it would be difficult for me to say something original about the game but I'm a weird person. I play to lose. I play for story. I play for escapism. I play for cutting loose and relaxation.

Gaming is my therapy and allows me to let go of frustrations of life and stay positive. In previous months my perspective on life had been exponentially growing negative to levels of pessimistic misanthropy. While blogging has kept me from spiraling further into depression it was gaming that helped me crawl out of that bottomless pit.

THIS GAME in particular.

But don't get me wrong. I also play for fun. And Saint's Row the Third epitomizes "fun" in one solid gaming experience. Yes you can kill with a gun, quite a few in fact, but that's "Square's Ville."

I often have runs of the game where guns just aren't an option.

Now obviously that means one can't play the story mode, where the main missions revolve around shooting down enemies from a helicopter, vehicle, or rooftop.

So what is one to do? Well... just look at that friggin map!

The number of hours I spent in Stillwater and Steelport are just astronomically rediculous. I have currently clocked in over 213 hours in Saints Row the third. And that was my first run. I am currently on my (heh) third run of the game with my newest character. Whom I've completely dedicated to being an "eccentric" Helicopter Jumping-Suplexing ex-wrestler bi-racial immigrant from the Filipines in Steelport to destroy what her no-show father worked hard to build.

Yeah that's a mouthful but that comes naturally to me after playing so many roles of killing machines. I look for new ways to interact with the cities of Stillwater and Steelport.

One month I'm a rogue cop looking to don a new look a-la Bruce Wayne/Matches Malone, utilizing an alter-ego in order to use the Saints to save Steelport/StillWater. Because he was a cop I made sure to only play the world missions where killing wasn't necessary, a lot of what I did actually involved being stealthy and evading the police. I got so into this role actually that it took the zeal out of playing Sleeping Dogs. If it wasn't for the Kung Fu and Environmental Take Downs I would have never bothered renting it.

The next month I'm a former mogul who lost it all in a distant city now here to get what's mine one way or another. This one hit close to home because the desperation for making ends meet was there even though the character I played at that particular time had way worse experiences than myself and had a more bleak outlook on life allowing himself to easily justify his rather objectionable actions.

These are just examples of what this game can do if one just put the effort needed and I haven't even done anything to the programming. There were no modifications, just me changing the rules of engagement.

But just think about the potentials reached if we, the players, COULD modify the programming of Saints Row 3? Just imagine the new modes of play. Just adding seemingly inconsiquential things like planting trees would allow us to play as eco-terrorists in Steelport, fighting humanity to save the environment. Pretty inconsignificant before but now pretty interesting right? And that's just ONE more example of what experimental thinking can achieve. Just imagine if the game had more of a stealth mechanic! THAT feature ALONE would have enrichened my gaming experience exponentially by giving me an infestimal amount of choices for who I want to take down, who I don't, and how hard I want to hit my targets ala Adam Jenson in DE: Human Revolution, which was one of the KEY reasons why I enjoyed Deus Ex so much.

Unfortunately, there is a limit to my "pretend" mode of play as trying to "force" stealth into the game as is just isn't the same.

In a lot of ways I am my own DLC. Yes I've played what THQ had to offer and was entertained for the time that I played those segments but at the end of the day, thinking like a dungeon master and treating SR3 like a pen and paper rpg has enabled me modes of play that I never knew was possible.

Yes, creating your own mental story can be tasking when remembering what occurred in-story and what didn't, ESPECIALLY over time when continuity becomes cumbersome. That's where old fashion note-taking shines brightest. Yes, that thing you used to do when going through a dungeon in Zelda or Final Fantasy or that thing that helped you go through Super Metroid if you're an early 90s baby. It's primitive but it works.

In fact you could say it plays like a recap of Walking Dead or Batman if you're into the Adam West show.

There are pages and pages of things I could say about this fantastic game but I do suppose I have outstayed my welcome. I'll leave your house (that I snuck into) now.

You enjoy your weekend and remember if someone tells you that video games cause violence just keep in mind that those were the same like-minded people who blamed Dungeons and Dragons for forming cults and worshiping the devil, or committing suicide.

Until Next time Dtoiders,
C-you Later.

PS: Zentoid 1 is also pretty interesting. READ IT HERE

PPS: I originally wrote this on Friday but thought better to post Saturday so I wouldn't remind you of Rebecca Black's Friday. Oh-shit. Sorry.

PPPS: I wrote this while the friggin news blasting out loud so I'll return later to actually read this as a non-crazy person.

Zentoid isn't a slowly methodical examination of happiness, but rather a spurt of excitement whipped with pure happiness experienced from a single game. Zentoid is a feature written immediately after engaging the material and is limited to 20 minutes in order to avoid perfectionism (and by default: blogcrastination).

Please keep this in mind when responding and politely point out grammatical/spelling errors should there be any.
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