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SkullFace is Released! [free, action platformer]


Watch the trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5bgE-7NTN54

Just updating you guys that this game is out now, PHEW it was a lot of work, i hope you enjoy it :)

You can follow the development and my next games over on: http://greg-anims.com

Cheers destructoid!
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Hey, I'm Greg, i'm 21, live in England and am an independent video-game designer and artist.

My favorite games are: shadow of the colossus, MGS2, stalker series, HL2, Timeplitters 2, Mashed, BFBC2..

I love hearing feedback and really i just aim to make games i'm proud of and that i would want to play. Cant please everyone, so fuck it do what you love! Cheers.