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Stompy Stompy: A new players introduction to Mechwarrior Online


- Stompy stompy!

MWO is a weird game. It's full of bugs, super complex, and suffers from some baffling choices made on the part of the developers. At the same time, it can be sublime. MWO Rewards a unique combination of reflexes, strategy, planning, and teamwork that can be immensly satisfying when it all clicks. It seems self-serving to call it the "thinking mans" shooter, but that's what it is.

For all it's problems, MWO is one of the most engaging experiences I've had this year and it absolutely kills me that the introduction to the game for new players is so harsh. If you take the time to get a grip on the game, it's super rewarding and fun. If you take nothing else away from this guide, take away this MWO is worth putting the work in.
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