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60 game year challenge: A series of wonderful events

We are getting down to the wire Dtoid! While I only have half this month to go, and still two games to beat, 6 to write about in total, I really feel like I'm going to beat this challenge! Its been a long ride, but we are getting really close! As such I like to thank this challenge for having introduced me to some new series I haven't even played before. The reason why I'm thanking my challenge now is because this post is packed with series I wouldn't have been playing if it weren't for my challenge. Thankfully I did this challenge and played these series, and well I have to say I really feel like I'm doing my gaming duty! Anyway this is what I thought about the inFAMOUS series and perhaps the best Dragon Quest game I have played to date!

Game 52: inFAMOUS Ė date beat October 17


I find it odd that both inFAMOUS and Prototype were released around the same time, with nearly the same concepts and gameplay. I mean, while I played inFAMOUS I was like ďthis is like Prototype but betterĒ. Itís just weird how two things can look the same, but one is clearly better. inFAMOUS is just far more realized and fleshed out. Heck, the story is actually interesting, and gave me a few surprises, but it was all in context and I could actually understand this story without any holes in the way. The bosses were actually more creative than Prototype as well, ditto for the powers that you get throughout. It just kinda makes me mad that Prototype probably stole some of inFAMOUSís thunder (pun intended) just because they were released around the same time.

I donít have much bad to say about inFAMOUS save for the lighting, ya, I suppose Iím being a bit punny today. Just sometimes you lose a battle with the enemies you fight simply because you canít see. It doesnít help when the overworld can literally be a shade of grey. It just got to the point where the contrast of lightning shooting from your hand and the nothing but blackish-greyish area in between really bothered me while I was playing that I just wanted to get the game done. I like to explore, but seeing the over world become like all grey? No thanks. Some of the missions can be pretty repetitive too, but itís nowhere near as bad as Prototypeís side missions. Also the whole good and evil thing seemed a bit pointless after a while, ya it did impact the story a bit, but it just wasnít nearly as present as it lets on. I personally think the game would be better off without the good and evil mechanics. Just make Cole out to be a hero that is perceived as bad I think thatís a better dynamic than just choose if youíre good or evil. Cole just seems much more complex than that, especially considering the ending of this game.

Conclusion: The best way I can personally describe inFAMOUS is the better version of Prototype, although I suppose itís exactly the opposite. While I personally have a problem with the lighting inFAMOUS provides, and the fact it wants you to stick to either a good or evil motive, inFAMOUS still lights up my spirits of new IPs making waves in the gaming world.

Game 53: inFAMOUS 2 - date beat October 21


After the first inFAMOUS I really did wonder how well the second one would improve on it. Not that inFAMOUS was that amazing though, just that I was wondering how much better it really got. Well as it turned out, inFAMOUS 2 is a great improvement on the first. For starters, the actual karma choice mechanic actually makes more sense now, and effectively enough to not see the series going anywhere without it. The things that happen, the choices you make, well they aren't always what you think they be, and for that I thank it. The first game was just too obvious, but thankfully the second one gave a much more subtle approach. Little things like finding blast shards, climbing up faster, and certain moves have been enhanced to make them far more useful than in the previous game as well. Not to mention that most of the main characters are actually developed more in the 2nd than the first one. Itís gotten to the point where I can't see myself enjoying the 1st inFAMOUS because of the marginal-able improvements the 2nd has.

The only things I really have to complain about this game are minor, and for the most part barely worth mentioning. The only true complaint is that climbing seems to be a lot stickier in the 2nd than the 1st; I just keep grabbing walls sometimes when I didn't want to. It was a bit annoying to only have two islands/cities as well, but both are varied enough to say that itís far more of an improvement. Each city has landscape and areas that are just a bigger contrast to one another. All the newer characters are interesting as well, same goes for the story too. While the first one took about half the game to actually get interesting, the second takes far less time, and makes for an exciting ride. The endings especially are better, and even though I only finished the evil side, I know that both are distinct and fitting. I haven't actually tired the UGC yet either, but the fact itís there to give you something new to play with makes postgame far more worthwhile than the first inFAMOUS.

Conclusion: inFAMOUS 2 is a great sequel to the first game, and truly makes me like this series for existing. The story itself is far more interesting, the powers are far better this time around, and the characters even have more depth. This is certainly an IP I want to see more of.

Game 54: Dragon Quest V: The Hand of the Heavenly Bride Ėdate beat October 25


I really do love the Dragon Quest series a whole bunch, and if it wasnít for this challenge I donít think I be playing any of the games at this point. DQ5 is a particular gem that I would be very sad to see myself not play, now that I have played. Itís just so different in terms of story in RPGs, and frankly it baffles me that Dragon Quest can be so revolutionary yet still the same to its predecessors. I mean, playing DQ5 still felt the same, the monsters, music, and battles are all similar to the previous 3 Dragon Quest games I have played, and yet the game presents itself so differently that I canít keep myself away from it. Just the fact that you pretty much play an RPG of your own life is awesome. You have a childhood and go off adventuring, become a teen and get married, then have kids and go off as a family to save the world. Itís so surreal and wonderful how itís executed. The characters, mainly the wives, add so much charm to it too, and doing this run on the DS version I pick Debora as my wife because Iím a softy for women that are tsundere types. Itís just amazing to watch her grow as a person when youíre with her as her husband, she changes, and you can tell she does throughout the story. Just little things like that that make me love DQ5 all the more.

Course, DQ5 has its flaws, but there is only a minor and major one I see, but they are tolerable. Minor problem DQ5 has is in one particular area where it really isnít made clear what youíre supposed to do. Like I literally had no problems knowing where to go till I got to this a certain point in the game, and bam! Stuck. The game just kinda loses ya because of how fast itís going. It got really annoying, but again itís a minor problem and it doesn't really happen again. The major problem I have with DQ5 though, the bias of the wives. While the game gives you a choice, it sure does guilt you do making the one it wants you to make. Like it really gets annoying with the amount of ďyou should marry BiancaĒ guilt, like is it really giving me a choice? Kinda like your parents giving you an option when clearly they want you to do one and not the other option. I mean, it gets to the point where itís shown in the gameplay, like the other two wives, Nera and Debora, you have to grind them to decent levels and even then they are then unusable for the majority of the game. Like why even give us a wife to use, when we canít even use her? I know it sounds like a lot of complaining for something so trivial, especially considering that this game pretty much invented pokemon, but I really did like the wives in DQ5. They were a really cool concept, and I suppose I didnít want the honeymoon to be over, perhaps I just have some issues to work out?

Conclusion: Dragon Quest 5 did something I really donít see RPGs do, and yet it still was the same game from the same series I grew to love. Aside from a few hand selected problems, DQ5 charmed me with its life growing story, interesting characters, and inspiring monster/ally system.
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