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Play My Game: Article Of Loathing


If you've played the game, I would not be surprised to hear it wasn't even worth these paragraphs of very brief introspection. But Article represents something that I've so rarely actually done in most any project I've started in my lifetime: a finished work. The feeling of being Done can't be underestimated and I'm glad to have it out there.

I have more ideas coming up and I've got a pretty cool series of games in mind that should turn out honestly special. But for now, please check out this game and let me know what you think. I love and trust Dtoid as a straight up, honest community, so please have at it! I leave you with a handful of random facts about Article of Loathing.

*** The player character used to be a white guy, pretty much as an arbitrary asset grab from another project. Based on twitter conversations about black women in games I decided months ago to make a black woman the player character. The original “Drew” sprite is now the guy with the redshirt
*** Jim Sterling was the main source for the basic scenario. While watching him deal with a raging "fanbase" for his writing on a regular schedule, It dawned on me that the ratings of reviews didn't matter, so much as how strong his assertions were. Having a strong opinion is the thing, not the quality of the subject.
*** The game is technically endless, as the only way to get a “game over” is to get caught by a troll. However, its written in such a way that they will be simply impossible to avoid. I'd love to know your high score! I generally topped out somewhere in 6 digits.
*** Jane McGonigal's Reality is Broken and Anna Anthropy's Rise of the Video Game Zinesters have been inspirational in both wanting to make games and wanting to increase my output, though this game arguably misses the point of both books. Highly recommended reading!
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