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2012: Addressed to Chrono Trigger at your new home

Dear John,

I am sorry you had to find out like this. It sounds bad to say but I sold you to another person for their enjoyment. I just need you to know my feelings about the whole situation. I just want you to know, it wasn't you, it's me.

This could have been us.

I don't remember how we first met, but it would be years before it mattered. Most likely it was around the time I learned about emulators. "This is sweet," I most likely said to no one. As I began downloading ZNES and the roms of my favorite SNES games, I think we crossed paths briefly. But I was too young to fully appreciate what you were trying to do. And so no real progress was made toward the completion of your great story.

As I aged, my love of RPGs grew deeper, and yet I still had not fully played the story that you tell. Final Fantasy games opened my eyes to the worlds that RPGs created. Squaresoft soon released another RPG that immediately grabbed my interest, your younger sibling, Chrono Cross. It was a game that interested me a lot because my ability to suspend disbelief that a party of only 7 people could save the world had started to wane. Here was a game that had a multitude of party members to recruit and told an interesting story, even though now I don't really remember it. He was some lynx thing and there was a clown in this different world, I'm not sure, it has been a while.

Yes, a Harlequin clown of some sort.

The lesson learned from PSX era RPGs is to not just settle with one company for RPG needs and to research about each game. Luckily the internet was in a constant state of growth and more and more people shared their opinions about amazing games. Many lists people compiled place you in the top ten RPGs of all time, even to this date. I could start getting second opinions about games I was unsure about. But I had yet to fully appreciate you.

As a console generation came and went, it seemed like the RPG, who was a master of the PSX era, had slowly been fading away. However, RPGs soon found new life on the DS and have flourished once again on handhelds. It was around this time that Square had released an improved port of your game on the DS, and yet I would still not play you.

Please try to remember the good times I had.

Then 2012 came around and after a complete love affair with another time traveling RPG, I decided that this was the year I would play this amazing RPG to completion. As an adult who can now fully appreciate a well crafted story, it seemed like the best time. I immediately fell in love with the soundtrack, often playing with headphones on to ensure no note escaped the range of my ears. But as quickly as the love affair began, the passion in me was extinguished. I found myself bored and just not into the story. How could this be? The game had a talking frog with the most amazing theme ever. It couldn't have been the menu set-up because Suikoden 3 has one of the worst and I love that game. It couldn't be the combat because it was almost seamless and even though I prefer strict turn based style as I enjoy planning, I didn't find that an issue either.

Yes, I must have just never fully gotten into it. Maybe I didn't give you enough time or attention and I take full responsibility for that. During this year I finally played Suikoden 2, which is now in my top 5 favorite games of all time, and Persona 4, which I fell immediately in love with and had to fight myself not to immediately replay it after I had finished it. And of all the amazing download titles and the emergence of the Kickstarter games this year, this disappointment in myself is what I had to write about. I suppose I just wanted you to know that I was sorry, Chrono Trigger. It's me, not you.



PS. Just wanted you to know I'm back together with my ex. You know, the other time travelling RPG on the DS.

Oh, do you know each other?
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