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IOS you beautiful miniature sized Sandwich!

Like many of you my love and adoration for games has only grown and swelled like a disgusting case of acne as I've gotten older. They tend to eat up a lot of free time as games are constantly getting bigger and better with oh so much to do. As a kid I dedicated a great deal of my time to playing games and these stays strong today however not as frequently, why? Because when you're a kid the most responsibility you have is to not use the living room plant as a toilet because you were too lazy to go upstairs and use the toilet. But as a 19 year old who now has a social life and college work to deal with I find my time with games sometimes harder to arrange.

Even then though my responsibilities are tiny compared to what the future adult world holds in store for me and I sometimes worry this threatens my precious time with games. You see after a day that has left you mentally and or physically exhausted despite the desire to play games the energy to push ones self through it is low. Games like Skyrim are like a feast who's size rivals that even of the most royal and prestigious of feasts, it looks and tastes great but you have to spend so much time consuming it to fully appreciate it. Sometimes I'm just not in the mood for something so big and sprawling, for something that requires what is admittedly little brain power. So how do I get past this and gain my gaming fix? With the fresh packaged box of IOS mango slices.

Overall having an iPhone and getting into IOS gaming has made me increasingly intolerant of the clunkiness and inconvenience we're plagued with from consoles today. Don't get me wrong Apple aren't exactly saints themselves when it comes to these problems as certain actions on their devices can feel like ripping out your own teeth but when it comes down to the gaming side of it all I'm happy, it's fast, easy and hassle free. Even better is that when there is a patch/update for an app, it's waiting for me on the app store, this might sound inconvenient but I still get to play with my games when I please and not have to worry about any impending slow patches of doom.

However the things I'm hearing about the Wii-U and some of its multi-tasking skills have grabbed my interest and Nintendo could have some of the answers I'm looking for. In the end though despite these trivial realisations I'm just happy that when I've finished playing Bioshock for the infinite uncountable time I know that just a hand reaches away I have a tiny little device bursting full of content ready to snack on and give me my fill for the bitter moments I spend away from my console.

Also they have Ace Attorney on IOS, nuff said.
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