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Hitman Absolution Review


Hitman Absolution isn't everything I expected it to be to say the least, I salute IO interactive for trying something new with the series, but I feel this isn't quite the way this series should go. I'm all for series evolving over time, for instance I love Splinter Cell Conviction despite it being more action heavy than it's predecessors, and I'm excited for Splinter Cell Blacklist, even though they left out my main man Michael Ironside. But what makes Splinter Cell Conviction's new take on the series work is the fact that even though they leave the door open for new players, they don't close the door on their long time fans.

Hitman Absolution offers lot's of cool stuff, but not everything that they've implemented belongs in a Hitman game. The Story was good, but the way the levels were structured ultimatly hurt the game. Levels like Chinatown and Terminus Hotel felt like Classic Hitman, Too bad there were way too few levels like them in the game.

I'll give the game a 7,5.

Feedback on the review would be great, And I still can't get the scaling of the pictures right, any tips?
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