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Are You Angry at Games? Stop, Breath and Think


Games are entertainment. Of all things in the world, entertainment goes way down there in the list of important things. You know, after things like health, food, home, family, happiness, money, job and other human beings. Entertainment goes after all of those. Yet, sometimes, I see people getting way too worked up with it.

I know people love games. That is an important activity to them, something that many times get their head out of their problems. That having a nice distraction is all good and important to people. But every time I see people getting to angry about something game related, I got a bit worried about them giving an undeserved importance to games. Specially when it is about something minor.

See, today on my Twitter feed, I discovered that some people is getting angry at Erin Fitzgerald, the new voice actress for the character Chie Satonaka, from Persona 4 Golden, the new version of Atlus PS2 classic for the Vita. See, Atlus changed Chie voice actress for some reason, and fans of the old voice (Tracey Rooney). See, Tracey's portrayal was weird at first, because she sounded too old for a high schooler like Chie. But with time, many people grown to love it. I loved old Chie's voice. But I also like the new voice provided by Erin, that I heard before at Persona 4 Arena. You have all the right to like one more than other. But getting angry at the new VA seems stupid.

Erin probably have nothing to do with the changing of VAs. She was hired to do a job, and while you may not like it, getting angry at her is getting angry at the wrong person. In fact, getting angry at all is utterly stupid and if you are, you are blowing it out of proportion. The changing of VAs in a game is hardly what I would call something worth getting angry about. In fact, getting angry towards videogames at all is something that is not worth getting angry about.

Erin Fitzgerald, ladies and gentlemen.

Even if your angry make some change in games, what do you get? Maybe a new ending in a game, some free DLC. And all that will really not have any meaningful impact in the world. It is not like you convinced your government to change laws for the better. Or that you helped some war refugees having a better life. You, at best, get a few seconds to feel proud of yourself for something with very little importance.

Of course, I am not saying that we just must let game companies do whatever they want. It is very health to discuss with ourselves what games do right and what they do wrong. And if you think a game is doing something you don't like, it is OK to say so, and to not give money to a company that have done something you don't agree with.

What is not OK is getting angry, demanding others to get angry and specially being awful against other people, specially people that have no power to change what you think is wrong or aren't at fault in the problem, for something that in the end have very little importance. A game is just a game, a form of distraction. I love games too, and I want them to be perfect. But I also realize that games don't deserve me stressing about them.

If you are getting to worked up because of games, maybe it is time to stop and think. Are you giving too much importance? Are they having too much space in your life? Are the changes happening to games really worth all the time, energy and heart attack rising risks you are putting into it?

Enjoy your games. If a game is making you angry, don't play it. Remember, that in the end of the day, a game is just a game and there is way more important things to do with your life.

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