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My Top 5 Favorite Machinimas

Machinima has to be my favorite piece of visual media. It's that feeling that you're seeing a film be made not in real life but in the gaming world. Machinima is not simply written out like a film as it can be a music video or a bunch of random stuff put together in a week. It's just an idea that is formulated in a game that you love. A game you play but get to see in a different light. Machinima is a form of expression for those gamers at heart and that's why i'm showing you my top 5.

So we shall begin with top 5th favorite Machinima.

10. 100 Ways To Kill Yourself In GMOD by Djy1991

This was one of the earliest Machinimas that I watched back in the good ol' days of Youtube. Having heard of GMOD at that time and I think I also might have signed up for Steam back when it was 2 years old and getting most of its issues sorted out. I didn't play it but I did dream of playing it. This video kept me amused as a young child when i'd watch this a good few times just to get a chuckle outa my day. Who wouldn't with this video?

5. Civil Protection by Ross Scott

Ross Scott. Yes, that Ross Scott. The man who has created Inside Freemans Mind which is the funniest interpretation of what Gordon is thinking. Civil Protection has to be the second Machinima that I have ever stumbled upon. It got me inspired as well to learn about it. I thank you for that, Mr. Scott.

4. Red Vs. Blue: Caboose by Roosterteeth

Red Vs. Blue is a series I watched from when they were in Blood Gulch in Halo all the way up to Halo 3. These guys had me rolling when I watched them with Caboose becoming my all time favorite Roosterteeth creation from that series. I'm partial to Caboose and that is what i'll admit because he says some of most out of the ball park comments which are really funny. He's a lovable moron and that's a character which i'll always remember.

3. Inside Freemans Mind by Ross Scott

I wouldn't link Civil Protection without linking Inside Freemans Mind. Just hearing the voice of Ross Scott brings me giggles. I think that also may be why i'm so blunt is because I have watched this series too damn much. That I am sorry for but I am not seriously sorry. I haven't excatly kept up with this series but I probably should again. It's funny, right?

2. Idiots Of GMOD 2 by Djy1991

This video deserves one of the top spots because it is one of the greatest GMOD Machinimas I ever laid my eyes one with pure randomness. There is well over 20 different GMOD actors which makes this an ambitious project. This also is really fantastic because it's by one of my favorite GMOD directors. Well, he's like my #1 director for GMOD. Just watch the video.

1. War Of The Servers by Lite Fuse Films

Old school GMOD. One of those earlier films which I actually watched. This really got me to make my Steam account at the time because this filmed caused me to become so so obsessed. Yes, I had mentioned earlier that I had made it also earlier with a push by Ross Scott but this really pushed me to become obsessed. This is a deep reinterpretation of H.G Wells War Of The Worlds and damn is it good.

So, that is it. All my top favorites that I feel like the world should see. They all are somewhat organized or random depending on the director with it mostly being dominated by Djy1991 and Ross Scott but that should be expected. I gave Lite Fuse Films the top spot because it was more ambitious than Djy1991s video and it was a much lengthier project in terms of Machinima.

I still hope you enjoy watching these videos. Each one of them deserves a watch. I hope you enjoy losing around 3 to 4 hours of your life. It's worth it. I promise. <3
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