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The Backlog

So, backlogging games is kind of inevitable anymore with all these awesome games coming out at a pretty speedy pace. This has lead to quite a handsome build-up of games I still haven't gotten to play through even once, because every opportunity I would have had is filled by something new and shiny. This blog is my list of backlogged games and what exactly about them is "backlogged" since I'm a multiple play-through kind of guy. I'll also have the regular rotation of games I have that tend to rob me of backlog time. If anyone has suggestions about what to approach next as I likely haven't even been through the halfway point of the majority of these games, feel free to "win me over" if you like.

Boxed Games
Alan Wake - DLC add-ons
Bayonetta - about 60% through the game
Condemned - 3 or 4 levels into the game
RIddick: Dark Athena - Beat Butcher Bay (again) and never really got into the Dark Athena part.
Deus Ex: Human Revolution - DLC
Divinity II - Just got dragon-form
Dragon Age II - The last portion of the game/a couple of the DLCs
Dragon's Dogma - 2nd playthrough
Duke Nukem Forever - Got to the monster-truck part
El Shaddai - Barely even started
Fable 2 - DLC
Fist of the North Star - Halfway through Ken's story
Lost Odyssey - Got this one years ago and only got to the first "worm boss".
Majin and The Forsaken Kingdom - 2nd dungeon area
Metro 2033 - Ranger Mode
Nier - Just started
Overlord - about halfway through
Portal 2 - Co-Op (still need a co-op partner for the 360 if anyone is down for it)
Rayman: Origins - 2nd or 3rd area
Red Faction: Armageddon - 10-15% into the game
Resident Evil 5 - DLC
Sacred 2 - about 30% in before my buddy stopped playing with me
Shadows of the Damned - First boss
Witcher 2 - 2nd playthrough
Kingdoms of Amalur - 60%? Just the story, side-quests out the ass
Assassins Creed 2 - maybe 40% in?
Midnight Club: LA - 30% in or so

XBLA/XBLIG/Games of Demand
A Kingdom for Keflings
Banjo-Tooie - 25%
Blocks that Matter
Braid - 2 puzzles completed
Clash of Heroes - 5 - 10%
Crysis 1 - Just beat the first invisible guys
Dead Block - got through most with couch co-op, not as fun solo
Dungeon Fighter LIVE - not very far, though it seems to be a game you don't really 'beat'
Earthworm Jim HD - Submarine level...this game is cruel
Fez - 30% in? This game keeps me side-tracked
From Dust - towards the end I believe
Gatling Gears - 50%?
Guardian Heroes - Got 2 endings, but co-op is more fun
Hell Yeah! - about 20 monsters killed
I Am Alive - 5% in maybe. Just found his old apartment
Islands of Wakfu - drunk purchase, kinda weird, only played a little bit.
Joe Danger SE - stopped at about 30% when I got aggravated at the last couple of lab challenges
Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light - maybe 40%. Same deal with co-op
Mark of the NInja - last level or 2nd to last, then the 2nd playthrough
Orcs Must Die - Just started basically
Outland - 3 bosses down
Penny Arcade Episode 1 - at the pier fairground area with the clowns
Plants vs. Zombies - haven't played much at all.
Rayman 3 HD - Beat the original, didn't have the same drive in this one. About 30% in
Shadow Complex - just got the achievement for running across the lake
Sonic Adventure - completed sonic's mode
Spelunky - got to the ice caverns
Splosion man - about halfway
Stacking - same
Super Meat Boy - at the very last level in light mode and just can't beat it
Tales of Vesperia - Just recently got the ability to fly around the map
The Dishwasher - the beginning
Trenched - same deal with co-op
Toy Soldiers: Cold War - about halfway into the campaign
Trine 2 - 4th level or so
Unbound Saga - for it when it was like...80 points on sale but never played it

The Rotation
Halo 4
Borderlands 2
Battlefield 1943
Operation Raccoon City
Mortal Kombat 9

Writing that out makes me realize I have a really bad problem not finishing games. Also, my 'blog series' is still in the works. Usually pretty beat at the end of the day and I'd rather take a load off with some gaming as opposed to wrangling some rampant thoughts.
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