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Portable Powerhouses - Damn those pigs!

'This is a blog from a fair few weeks ago, however was un published simply due to the fact i had limited motivation and time to finish it. I do apologize :) haha naat!'

So, today while at the end of work it had calmed down a little bit and i decided i shall play with my newly purchased iPhone, so i am browsing the app store in light of finding something nice to waste my day away with. I stumbled upon a lovely little game called 'Plague Inc.' So i spent roughly 10 minutes on my first play of the game, just a quick boot up, see how it was and then quickly threw it to the back of my mind once business picked up again. All is good and well, however when i got home from work today, i booted up Halo 4, played one game and then picked up the iPhone again. I booted Plague Inc. once again, and ended up sitting on my arse playing it for around 3 hours... 3 hours sitting playing a silly iPhone game which i paid less that what you would pay for a normal Mars Bar in most shops today.

Now, getting away from my little poorly described story of today's happenings, it actually got me thinking about the possibilities and potential that these smart phones and tablets could provide us in the coming years. Now i wonder how many of these walls of texts are already floating around the internet telling us that the next generation of gaming and business will be based solely from these new powerhouses that we can harness simply from our trouser pocket. These phones and tablets are only going to get smaller, (or sometimes bigger; Samsung Note II, that thing is like a brick, you will need to take your trailer with you if you want to take it out.) more powerful and generally going to be far more useful in times to comes. I mean if you take a smart phone and trawl through the OS's preferred application market, you will find numerous applications which can do the strangest of operations. You can get anything from a automated stock taking app, to a app which makes farting noises, both provide you with some sort of use, be it making farting noises next to your friends and blaming it on them. The potential uses for Smart Phones/Tablets are endless, there will always be new ideas and there will always be people who are willing to transpose these into code and make an app out of their idea.

Potential in the games market
Now, i can almost guarantee (somebody will fault me on that) that the majority of smart phones found in the general users pockets will have at least one mindless game downloaded. I am going to choose the game which has taken the whole portable gaming by storm.. Angry Birds.

Angry Birds is probably one of the most popular and most played games to have emerged in recent years, now i am just hazarding a guess with that statement however i would like to think that Angry Birds has become one of the most well known and played games around at the moment. You can purchase anything from Plush toys to Tee-shirts and lunchboxes, i mean for a game that only costs 69 pence on the app store (IOS) they have done not too bad at all! Have a look at some of the numbers below ;

As of December 2010 Angry Birds had 12,000,000+ paid downloads, at �0.69 per download that comes to �8,280,000, you know for a game that took only 9 months to develop, that is a hefty amount of return for Rovio.

I don't think anybody can anticipate for a game of such simplicity to have escalated to such a level that it was the third best selling paid download game, behind Pacman and Tetris (IOS Based), now have a look at this infographic, a story of psychology, sociology and addiction ; The Global Appeal of "Angry Birds". Damn, people put a lot of research into such trivial things, however if they did not do it then i could not write such ramblings! The statistic which shocked me on that page is the time played on angry birds ;

In one day, two hundred million minutes of angry birds are played, which equals to 380 years of time played, In a single day! In every hour, 16 years worth of time is spent playing Angry birds. Truly unbelievable.
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