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Gaming Backwards

As I wander through my game collection, I remember the good old days. For most avid video game players born before me, the good old days are represented by Super Mario Bros., Megaman, Sonic the Hedgehog and Doom. I had the fortune of my family owning a NES with Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros 2., those were the only games my parents liked. Even better I obtained an old SNES from an uncle which had around 15 games like Killer Instinct, Super Mario World and later I obtained what I consider the gem of all my collection, Battletoads in Battlemaniacs. Still I moved on to the new era without really experiencing the old ones.

I also acquired a Nintendo 64 in 1998, with 12 games, classics like Majora's Mask, Ocarina of Time, and Banjo-Tooie are my favorites games of that small collection. I really didn't start gaming seriously until 2001, when I was 9, that's when Gamecube and the Game Boy Advance came out. With my parents more willing to give me money and me and my brother being obsessed with gaming. Our Gamecube library is bigger than our SNES,N64 and Playstation library combined.
This meant that I started playing certain franchises way after their inception. I had a vague idea of what Metal Gear Solid, Megaman, Castlevania, Sonic, and Metroid were, when I first started playing them, it wasn't the classic first installment. My first Metal Gear Game was the Twin Snakes, which many would call inferior due to the X-TREME cutscenes and redone voice acting, I found the game mind-blowing when I was 13. My first Megaman experience would be with the fun Battle Network series (which I still proudly own), which would earn some derision in the Megaman community. My first Castlevania would be Circle of the Moon, which was way too hard for my 9 year old brain.

Making fans of the Megaman franchise since 2001

Sonic also started with Sonic Adventure 2, which had the Chao Garden, the best part of any Sonic game. Metroid was also a victim since I started with Fusion and Prime, and I only liked Prime years later. Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest were both started at their 8th installment. Recently after everyone raved about the Shin Megami Tensei series I finally got around to playing it with Strange Journey, which was the latest installment at the time. I also played Banjo-Tooie before it's prequel and my first taste of Grand Theft Auto was Vice City.

My first thoughts about this game were, what's this got to do with fantasy?

The advent of Steam, GOG.com, remakes, and emulation, I could finally see where the birth of my favorite games and why retro gamers swear them over the games we have today. In my idle times (during class) I have started to grind my way into the older installments of various franchises. Sonic's "good" games can't still hold a candle to the plumber. Classic Megaman is fun but I prefer the 9th installment and the X series. The old, Japanese exclusive Fire Emblem games are as good as the newer ones. Old Zelda, and Castlevania are very different to the Ocarina-styled games and the Metroidvanias, and I still prefer. My Final Fantasy Grind started with the Gameboy Advance versions of IV and VI, which are the best in the franchise along Tactics. I started collecting old Dragon Quest and Shin Megami Tensei titles, and like Fire Emblem, the old games stand with the new ones.

I may not be impressed by the Sonic games now, but they are masterpieces compared to this

In the end, I have a question for the community, have you ever gone backwards in a series? has that changed your opinion of the series? and has that series really gone down or up? Have you never played a classic title, and which is it?
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