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Communitoid Episode 002 - Snog

Finally, here's the belated second episode of Communitoid! Mega huge thanks to everyone who listened and gave us feedback on episode one! We try to suck less this time around. In this show Beccy is sleeeeeepy, Conor can't words, Jo is mastering the ancient art of aikido, Andy's impending baby has a penis, and Mxy is the person you should blame for this episode being tardy. Please enjoy the new and slightly improved Communitoid!

HERE THERE BE SPOILERS! Spoilers from 1:31:40 to 1:31:44 because Conor decided to blurt out one right after Mxy said we'd stayed spoiler free this episode.

Break song: Credits from Cobra Triangle - Composed by David Wise and remixed by Justin Tense. Available at OCRemix.org

Opening and Closing themes by Adam AcH (bravebeat.com and Soundcloud)

Show logo by the ever-awesome ZombiePlatypus

BONUS STAGE: Keep listening after the closing theme for some more language lessons with Beccy!

Thanks for listening! Follow us @Communitoid on Twitter. Community member show openings can be sent to [email protected], we need more submissions! Try to keep them about 15 seconds or so please. :) See you in another two weeks!

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Full show notes available at communitoid.libsyn.com


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