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The Specter of Creativity

So, ever since I can remember I've definitely been more 'right brained' for lack of a better term. Present me with a calculator and some paint and I'll paint the calculator. I'm one of those assholes who can find some kind of hidden meaning in anything. It's just how my brain works.

Actually, hold on. I feel like this blog deserves some kind of backstory so I'll try to elaborate as smoothly as possible. The razor is a little dull though right now so expect some bumps. To put it lightly, I have some really fucking weird dreams. Not weird. Fucking weird. A good and fairly recent example had me painted blue, wearing a sombrero the size of a convertible, parachuting out of an airplane with Burt Reynolds (the sombrero was my parachute). It was like something that would have come out of Saints Row The Third if it didn't suck. This is also on the low end of the weird spectrum. They've been know to be much stranger.

So, to cut to the reason for the detour. I started writing down all the details of the dreams I could remember since my freshman year of highschool. Slowly I've built a catalogue of my demented sub-conscious. Ever since I started this these ideas that defy reality have entered my conscious thought processes so now this unhindered creativity is at a constant drip. The problem is, however, that I'm not sure how positive a thing that is.

The title of this blog is meant very literally. Specter; something that haunts or perturbs the mind. A phantasm. I'm very literally haunted by my creativity. To mention I have severe Attention Deficit Disorder might actually explain some of the anxiety towards this creative apparition. I go from being a relatively attentive student to imagining what would happen if the instructor was wearing a pirate outfit and speaking Mandarin. I find myself putting everyone I meet into weird out of this world scenarios all the time without even meaning to. By now it's just a natural process. Meet new person, talk to them, have strange "waking dreams" involving them. Most people tend to get a kick out of me telling them all the stories I cook up , and as far as my music and art goes its wonderful but the more I go down this path the more it feels like this little shit-head feeding me the ideas is pulling off some elaborate long-con to turn me into a spectacle.
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