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Resident Evil 6 sells a lot, ensures Resident Evil games will continue to suck


According to the American Weekly Chart over at vgchartz.com, Capcom's Resident Evil 6 has managed to move over 800,000 copies in the grand old USA in just one week on the shelves. Look closer and you'll notice that it's sold considerably more than that worldwide. It's gone past 2 million sales globally in a week. I'm going to assume you're asking why you should give a shit and wondering why I'm posting a news story. Or you read the title and you know what the fuck is going down. The point is that you should care about how successful this game is. The amount of copies sold tells Capcom whether or not they should continue down the path they've taken with the series.

Clearly they should keep doing what they're doing. Low Metacritic and GameRanking numbers didn't stop gamers from picking this piece of human fecal matter up at GameStop and elsewhere. I was hoping that the demo and the reviews might scare people away, but apparently the idea of crashing a burning plane into a large city in China and surviving and then meeting a woman who you saved as a child way back in America years ago on your first day on the job which happened to also have zombies and then fighting a monster with her is perfectly feasible and in fact desirable to many people. Also, does Agent Hunnigan ever change her fucking clothes?

Anyway, in the end all I can really do is express my disappointment with you guys. I have no control over the minds and wallets of other people and therefore can only do my best to warn other people against spending their money on what amounts the video game equivalent of The Expendables with zombies and monsters. Yes, it sucks that bad.

Hopefully Capcom will at least continue to give us good portable Resident Evil games in the future. Or perhaps a lot of people who spent their money on this game will be unhappy with their purchase and not buy the next turd sandwich Crapcom craps out of their dirty vagina. One can only hope for a total series reboot that gets back to basics, minus those old camera angles. Just give me RE4 with different characters and settings. Give me a video game, not a deadly serious buddy cop/soldier movie with 3 sets of buddies that sucks cock.

Sometimes people really suck dick. I'm ashamed to be on of those 2 million people this past week who partook in that activity when we bought this abortion of a game.
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