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New blog attack!

Wow, so...ummm...long time since last blog. Can't be bothered explaining, but there was the situation with the aggressive panda and then the police got involved and then I had to leave the country. But, I'm back!

In all honestly, I've been on Dtoid every single day but just haven't felt motivated to blog. I gotta say, I like the new Dtoid layout. Everything is curved and friendly and I don't cut myself while foolishly prodding my computer monitor to make words happen.

I just watched the first Podtoid animation also, which cracked me up big time. I'm really looking forward to upcoming episodes, if they're anything like this first one then they'll be right up my alley. Oooer!

Video games! I've played so many, it's kind of a big deal. I finally got into Borderlands (the first) about a month before the sequel came out. I ploughed my way through it pretty quickly and totally loved it. Thanks to my generous brother buying it for me on Steam for my Birthday I got into the sequel the day it was released. Borderlands 2 basically takes all the good stuff from the first and then smooths the less fun stuff out nicely to create a smorgasbord of shooting joy. I likey.

Thanks to a bunch of sales I have also been playing Lost Odyssey on the Xbox, Rage on the PS3, and (shock horror a Wii game!) Mad World on the Wii.

Lost Odyssey is awesome. It's been a long time since I've really played a JRPG, and this one's a goodie. A really great storyline and fun characters helps elevate the ultimately quite traditional JRPG gameplay.

Rage is a mixed bag. On the PS3 it's a bit of a technical mess. When you're not moving the graphics look fantastic, but once you move the analogue stick you're confronted with hideous texture pop-in worse than I've seen in any other game. I'm slowly getting used to it to the point where I can almost ignore it, but id really should have done better. As for the gameplay I'm actually really enjoying it. The shooting mechanics are spot on, as you'd expect from an id game, and the world is interesting enough to make you want to see the new locations. I'll stick with it but I imagine it'll take me a long time to finish the game.

As for Mad World, I've only played this for about 30 minutes but it was good fun. It was only $10 on sale so even if I don't finish it I'm not really bothered, but it sure was a novelty actually purchasing a Wii game. The last game I bought before this was the original Super Mario Galaxy.

I've also been doing a lot of PC gaming, probably more than on the consoles. I actually upgraded my PC recently. I bought a used GTX 460 for pretty cheap off an online trading website and have added it to my existing GTX 460 in my rig so I'm now running SLI for the first time ever. It's pretty awesome, although the configuration of my motherboard means there's only about 5mm between the two cards which makes for some pretty high temperatures for the card on top. So far they've been within limits, though, although it's not summer here in New Zealand yet so I'll have to see how it fares once the temperature outside starts rising.

Okay, I have updated! I'm going to go and drink whiskey and cola in honour of it being the weekend! Peace out, bitches!
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