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PAX 2012 [picspam]


I genuinely wasn't planning on coming to PAX next year. At all. I have a friend teaching out in Hong Kong at the moment and I've said that I'd tour the South Pacific with her next summer. Due to last month�s shenanigans, I have no money. To top it off, I was all for taking a step back from Dtoid after PAX thanks to my final year of college. And then just two hours into Wednesday evening, I looked at JJ and he looked at me and we both knew we were coming back.

We often talk about being a family here at Destructoid and it�s not a word I throw around lightly. However, the community here has been such a large part of my life for the last two years that anything less would be an insult. I�d be lying if I said that it�s always been easy, but that�s family all over, right?

Family is sushi on a bus ride from Vancouver. Family is Cards Against Humanity, piggybacks, dogpiles, faux-British accents and Irish Car Bombs in Seattle. Family is glow-in-the-dark fairy tattoos in Portland. Family is talking until 03:00 on a hotel corridor overlooking a San Diego freeway. Family is driving 3471 miles across the United States. Family is struggling to keep it together in a Boston airport because you don�t want to leave.

You�re my family, and I love you for it. See you next year.
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