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Framerate: Why You're Wrong


A PSA For The Otherwise Minded
It may not be trending as much lately, but I for one have felt that for far too long, crimes about frame-rate have existed, and specifically in both the publishers side, the gamers side, and even on our own side. I won't claim to have all the answers, but there's something which has been frustrating me lately, as you know, I won't attempt to come off as pretentious, but as a PC Gamer, frame-rate does matter.

Now sure you may be thinking of your stock argument, and well of course it matters, but who wants to pay (insert generally incorrect amount of cash here). But let me say, this is first off, and most importantly, not my point, I personally don't care if you prefer playing 30FPS or 60FPS+ on console or PC, what does matter to me lately, is all the false understandings of FPS.

Just recently a mod for the PC's notoriousDark Souls port was released, enabling it to run at 60FPS, and the difference was breath-taking in both how fluid, and surprisingly, how much easier it made the game to play. However, there began something of an inkling of anger, as false rumors began circulating. Rumors such as "60 FPS will get you banned from GFWL and Dark Souls" "60 FPS is a speedhack making you move twice as fast" and frankly, this is bullshit I hate with a passion.

Yet hear I am, doing close to that exact thing

The sad part is for a bit I was driven to question if this drivel could be a legitimate claim, and this was where, regardless of real or not, I have an issue. The first issue being that is our understanding of frame-rate really this shoddy and pathetic yet so important to enjoyment of our games, whenever we fix it, we question if we'll get banned? The second being, in question, when a developer says we can't run a game at 60FPS or it'll break it or it'll become a hack, and yet we do exactly that, where to question both integrity, and the whole system at large.

For those of you with a less then stellar understanding of frame-rate, I won't claim to be perfectly understanding of it, but I will say, it's really not what you think it's, you're wrong.

Now you might be wanting me to indulge you in my understanding of frame-rate, and as I said, it's not fantastic but it's enough to get myself by. If you were to ask me off-hand, frame rate is how many times a game re-draws your screen, it allows for quicker command inputs, and less experienced lag, and a overall smoother feel, while there are times, and albeit, a very few where frame-rate can in fact cause game mechanics to break, it's surprisingly, surprisingly, low.

Similar is a game, which gave Rockstar a bit of a black eye, both in how they managed the release of the game, how the studio managed the game, and how the PC release of the game was managed, that's right L.A Noire. L.A Noire, also happens to be one of the few games a large number of misconceptions also arised, and surprisingly, while some mechanics did break when we forced it into 60FPS on PC, the majority of what the developers, even the publishers told us, was a lie.

If you want the news as I heard it, Rockstar said when related to L.A Noire and the locked frames it would cause a de-sync of the facial animations and there would be massive graphical glitches as the game had been "made for 30 FPS" as such Rockstar released our ported version also at 30FPS. The crime comes from the fact however, when we did in fact hack 60FPS, the only thing wrong with the game, was the driving mechanics were a bit funny, but no facial desyncing issues, no massive graphical glitches, no, just the car-driving.

It's pretty clear we're being lied to, and more importantly with disrespect

If you read the fantastic blog by Jinx 01 a while back on bullshot backlashes, i'm sure you felt insulted that developers could just make fake images, images not capable of the version of the game you got, and overall just plain disrespect. I feel frame-rate needs to be taken in the same light, when a developer says "they can't" we shouldn't just lie down and say "ok" we should demand why, because i'm sick of playing an inferior game, because the developers weren't unable too, but were too lazy to. As a gamer, who expects to get an honest and quality game, I find this plain disrespectful.

It would be the same to going to an official developer preview at E3, having them give a massive presentation about all the features the game will have, and yet, where the game ships, all of the amazing features everyone bought the game for, aren't even in the game. You could liken it to watch_dogs having none of the hacking and in it's place is a generic cover shooter.

Integrity and truth are something we need both more of in the industry, and at the same time, we seem to get very little of. I want this to change, developers can pretend for all of their petty reasons that it would be too complicated for us to understand, but in the end, and especially with this Dark Souls port, it's very important that we keep developers honest. Even if you're not on a PC, with next gen around the corner we need to keep them trustworthy, but more importantly we need to come clear, and just ask, if and when they make a claim, if they're just plain lieing.

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